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Rep. Brad Schneider’s Staff’s Racist Treatment of Black Employee Should Remind Us of Lynching, Tuskegee, Ethnic Cleansing

By Joe Kopsick, Aquarian Agrarian Three days ago – on July 15th, 2021 – a story about racially disparaging remarks, made by an employee of Democratic Illinois Congressman Brad Schneider named Karyn Davidman, made international headlines, as the DailyMail published an article titled “Black staffer for Democrat Rep. […]

An Interview with John McWhorter

This is a great interview with McWhorter, and one of the best discussions I have seen on these topics. He gives the answers I would be inclined to give to the interviewer’s questions. PBS, Firing Line Columbia University linguist and race commentator John McWhorter explains the origins of […]

Interview With Professor Adolph Reed

By Matt Taibbi Funny, outspoken, and original, the political science professor and author talks race, class, liberalism, and Robin DiAngelo on Useful Idiots. Last May, the Democratic Socialists of America invited the longtime Yale, Northwestern, and University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph Reed to speak to the New York […]

The Real Problem with Critical Race Theory

A problem that I see with this article is that what the authors (one of whom I know personally) are describing is not so much critical race theory specifically as much as contemporary “anti-racism” ideology generally (and related concepts like privilege theory, intersectionality, “whiteness,” etc.), and the illiberalism […]

US boarding schools to be investigated

By Kalle Benallie, Indian Country Today The U.S. Department of Interior will formally investigate the impact of federal Indian boarding schools, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced before tribal leaders on Tuesday. The new “Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative” will result in a detailed report compiled by the Interior […]

John McWhorter || Nasty Words

John McWhorter teaches linguistics, philosophy, and music history at Columbia University, and writes for various publications on language issues and race issues such as Time, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Beast, CNN, and the Atlantic. He told his mother he wanted to be a “book writer” when […]

Battle Over Critical Race Theory

One of the most interesting things about this article is that it provides another bit of evidence that many of the traditional lines of social conflict are no longer predictable indicators of where someone will be on controversial topics.  A sample quote from the article: “Parents have revolted […]

Our Endless Dinner With Robin DiAngelo

By Matt Taibbi Suburban America’s self-proclaimed racial oracle returns with a monumentally oblivious sequel to “White Fragility.” “The ideology of individualism is dependent on a denial of the past as relevant to the present… Individualism denies the significance of race.” — Robin DiAngelo “Individualism is for f*gs.” — […]

What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

This makes for an interesting comparison/contrast. James Lindsay offers a highly negative critique of critical race theory in this interview with Tom Woods, while the meme below offers a more sympathetic explanation/interpretation. James Lindsay joins Tom Woods to discuss what Critical Race Theory is, what its flaws are, […]

Don’t Ban CRT. Expose It.

Here’ my take on this “critical race theory” controversy. “Conservatives” (at least those of the pop-culture variety) have started using “critical race theory” as a label for anything they find ideologically objectionable. The same way they use woke, SJW, politically correct, etc. Actual CRT is something much narrower […]