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What happened to the graves of Indigenous children reportedly discovered in Canada in 2021?

The Signal What happened to the graves of Indigenous children reportedly discovered in Canada in 2021? Terry Glavin on the elaborate confusion obscuring an ongoing mystery and longstanding injustice. Mladen Borisov Riots, vandalism, toppled statues, burned churches—they were all part of the fallout in Canada last summer following news reports […]

The Sinister Symmetry Of CRT And GRT

By Andrew Sullivan, Weekly Dish The extremes of right and left on immigration are fueling each other. The MSM rushed last weekend to explain the previously obscure conspiracy theory that motivated a mass-murderer on a shooting spree in a black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. We didn’t get […]

White Nationalism as a Deracinated Subculture

This video is dedicatedd to all post-alt-righters, and for those who still think anti-liberalism, and the word “white,” means “suburban nationalism.” White Nationalist are not gaining momentum and are about to embrace a long decade of regression. The solidified events: UTR, Biden, coming to age against youthful subcultures, […]

The Rise of White Nationalist Hispanics

By Russell Contreras and Astrid Galván, Axios Nick Fuentes, identified as a “white supremacist” in Justice Department filings, made headlines last week for hosting a white nationalist conference in Florida. His father is also half Mexican American. The big picture: Fuentes is part of a small but increasingly […]

Umm… Are We The Baddies?

By Caitlin Johnstone Reuters reports that Facebook and Instagram are now allowing calls for the death of Russians and Russian leaders in exemption from the platforms’ hate speech terms of service due to the war in Ukraine: “Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries […]

My Norman Mailer Problem—and Ours

By Darryl Pinckney The Nation Digging down into the roots of white America’s infatuation with Black. Norman Mailer was proud of his essay “The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster.” Published in Dissent in 1957, it was reprinted in Advertisements for Myself (1959), Mailer’s anthology of selections […]