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‘Racial Self-Interest’ is not Racism

Policy Exchange This report presents new research by Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck University, which examines attitudes towards racism amongst British and American voters of different races and political persuasions. The research shows that: A majority of British and American people of all races believe that […]

The Black Arts Movement

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Harvard University Press Ishmael Reed A New Flame for Black Fire What will be the legacy of the Black Arts Movement? Regina Marler Behind the Mask After rejecting the gendered fixations of the Surrealist movement, Méret Oppenheim embraced an androgynous art of […]

Bakunin was a racist

One interesting thing about this video is that if you take everything that Bakunin is quoted as saying about Jews and replace “Jewish” with “white” he sounds like one of today’s intersectional leftists. And if you replace “Jewish” with “Russian” he sounds like MSNBC, or with “Chinese” he […]

Emancipation’s Limitations

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sean Wilentz The Emancipators’ Vision Was abolition intended as a perpetuation of slavery by other means? Natalia Ginzburg and Alba de Céspedes On Women: An Exchange “That article of mine spoke of women in general, and said things we all know: […]

‘The more time passes, the less reversible the situation will be,’ says prominent author Laurent Obertone on risk of civil war in France

“There are new victims all the time. Immigration is not questioned, and neither is the justice system.” November 17, 2022 editor: REMIX NEWS author: Olivier Bault Renowned French author Laurent Obertone presents a bleak future of a France in conflict in his books, but he says that such […]

The Cudgel of Antisemitism

Is there a crisis of hatred against Western Jews, or are they just another casualty in the game of victimhood politics? Sam Kriss Vans belonging to The Community United against Labour Party anti-Semitism group, Culpa, are parked next to a police car ahead of the Labour Race and […]

Is the U.S. Republican Party becoming a “multi-racial, working-class” coalition?

The Signal Is the U.S. Republican Party becoming a “multi-racial, working-class” coalition? Matt Grossmann assesses the evidence for a major political realignment. Jezael Melgoza (Originally published 2022 | 05.26) Hispanic voters in America are “literally cascading into the Republican Party,” Donald Trump told Fox News earlier this year. […]

The Jews Are Ye’s Misfortune

By David Cole, Taki’s Kanye West’s Jew-obsessed meltdown offers many potential angles for analysis. I could start with the “why do you still trust Tucker?” angle. Carlson prefaced his now-infamous Kanye interview with an assurance to you, the viewer, that even though Kanye’s detractors claim the man’s mentally […]

The Placebo Of Affirmative Action

It’s time to abolish a distraction from the actual causes of racial inequality. Andrew Sullivan Mohamed Amin, a 2nd-generation Bangladeshi-American, hugs a classmate at their grad ceremony. He graduated from the prestigious Bronx High School of Science and will attend the Univ. of Wisconsin on a scholarship. (Robert […]

Is this Systemic Racism?

Michael Huemer Systemic Racism: Examples In recent years, the term “systemic racism” has become popular, due to how it enables you to go around calling more and more things “racist” even in the absence of any people who actually have any racial prejudice. Be that as it may, […]

Is Defunding the Police a “Luxury Belief”?Analyzing White vs. Nonwhite Democrats’ Attitudes on Depolicing

Zach GoldbergSeptember 8, 2022 Policing & Public SafetyAll Executive Summary After the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, a surprising number of Democrats embraced calls to “defund” the police. According to data from the 2020 Cooperative Election Survey, 35.4% of Democrats expressed support for reducing spending on […]

The Racism in Textbooks

New York Review of Books Eric Foner The Complicity of the Textbooks In Teaching White Supremacy, Donald Yacovone traces how the writing of American history, from Reconstruction on, has falsified and illuminated our racial past. Dan Chiasson Rococo Risks With Venice, her latest collection of poems, Ange Mlinko offers an […]

Fired for Being White? Judge Says Starbucks Ex-Manager Made Case for Reverse Discrimination

By Charles Toutant “From this evidence, a jury could find pretext because this testimony directly contradicts the reason given by defendant for plaintiff’s termination. Additionally, Starbucks’ lack of documentation is further evidence of pretext,” Slomsky said. A federal judge ruled that a former Starbucks regional manager made a […]

Jewish Anarchism

By thecollective From The Institute for Anarchist Studies by Shane Burley August 23, 2022August 22, 2022 A Review of No Masters But God, by Hayyim Rothma, (Manchester University Press, 2021) If anarchists know Jewish history at all, it is likely the role of Jewish radicalism in the political battles […]

The Cost of Biden’s Racialism

By Joel Kotkin Joe Biden may have once bragged about his cooperative relations with segregationists, but he still arguably owes more to African-American leadership and voters than any politician in recent history. After all, it was black voters who bequeathed him the two critical victories in South Carolina […]

87,000 Racists

Analyzing the structural behavior of the IRS and comparing to modern emergent redefinitions of the term ‘racism.’ Handwaving Freakoutery The Inflation Reduction Act took it on the chin a week ago with lots of people sharing a not totally true yet not entirely false either statistic that the […]