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Getting the Police Issue Right

The main limitation of most liberal and left critiques of the police state is that these are primarily limited to dubious killings of civilians, racial disparities, and official forms of “police misconduct” as conventionally defined. And usually, these critiques are limited to the municipal police. That’s a start […]

India has 18 million modern slaves

And a lot of these slaves are being used by Western corporations while Western governments look the other way. All of the rhetoric coming from Western elites about “human rights,” “democracy,” “civil rights,” etc has about as much seriousness and legitimacy as when the ancient Egyptian rulers claimed […]

The Myth of Systemic Police Racism

What I find most interesting about this article is that it shows Americans not only live in what amounts to different countries, but they also inhabit what amounts to different realities. What matters is the myths, legends, and symbols that different tribes hold to and not concrete factual […]

The Mob Is Now After Baby Jesus?

A major problem that leftists often have is not knowing when to quit while they’re ahead. They’re like compulsive gamblers who always end up blowing their winnings on more gambling. Few things provide more ideological/rhetorical ammunition to the right than this kind of stuff.  It’s like these folks […]

Speaking Queerly About Whiteness

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley White people hate to talk about race, even the supposedly woke ones. When they do, the entire conversation is almost inevitably governed by fear. With white conservatives, it’s usually the fear of being made irrelevant by darker bodies. […]

Ingraham: Democrats cancel America

I totally disagree with Laura here, but not for the usual reasons. So far I have actually seen very little “canceling America” going on in the present uprising. Unlike Berkeley or Charlottesville, which were low-grade sports riots carried out by rookie-league middle-class gangs, the present uprising is a […]