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FD Signifier Dismantles Black Conservatism

Episode 126 with FD Signifier

This week’s guest, F.D. Signifier, joins us to give his perspective on the history of black conservatism. He’s a YouTuber known for insightful analysis of black media; we’ve asked him about everything from the expectations and reality of the Obama presidency to media narratives about black voters’ support of the Democratic Party. Watch below:

FD Signifier’s analysis of Obama’s moderate presidency captures the massive hopes and serious political change that his election represented, alongside its serious disappointments — “anti-upheaval” politics that failed to make good on the president’s more progressive promises. We reflect on what it meant to have a black man elected president in the United States, and whether it could happen now — or whether, as FD Signifier suggests, the country has taken a real step backward since Obama’s election in 2008.

Our guest has also done incredible deep dives on black conservatism — the media narrative around it, leading figures in this “niche group,” and the reality of political leanings within the black community. According to FD, while every election cycle since Obama’s second term has seen news stories on whether black voters will break away from the Democratic Party and vote Republican, the truth is that black voters tend to be left of the Democratic Party — and those whose conservative viewpoints are showcased on national media are being used to fit a false narrative in favor of conservatism.

We also weigh in on whether we should be more worried by a Trump or a DeSantis presidency, looking at the “creative malevolence” of DeSantis on social issues versus Trump’s massive incompetence and despicable record on those same issues. Together, we evaluate Kyle’s proposal that Trump is the Republicans’ least electable general election candidate — but also that he isn’t necessarily guaranteed to lose to Biden. Find out more by watching the video above — and remember that you can listen to the conversation as a podcast episode on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and more when it’s released tomorrow.


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