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Battle Over Critical Race Theory

One of the most interesting things about this article is that it provides another bit of evidence that many of the traditional lines of social conflict are no longer predictable indicators of where someone will be on controversial topics.  A sample quote from the article: “Parents have revolted […]

Our Endless Dinner With Robin DiAngelo

By Matt Taibbi Suburban America’s self-proclaimed racial oracle returns with a monumentally oblivious sequel to “White Fragility.” “The ideology of individualism is dependent on a denial of the past as relevant to the present… Individualism denies the significance of race.” — Robin DiAngelo “Individualism is for f*gs.” — […]

What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

This makes for an interesting comparison/contrast. James Lindsay offers a highly negative critique of critical race theory in this interview with Tom Woods, while the meme below offers a more sympathetic explanation/interpretation. James Lindsay joins Tom Woods to discuss what Critical Race Theory is, what its flaws are, […]

Don’t Ban CRT. Expose It.

Here’ my take on this “critical race theory” controversy. “Conservatives” (at least those of the pop-culture variety) have started using “critical race theory” as a label for anything they find ideologically objectionable. The same way they use woke, SJW, politically correct, etc. Actual CRT is something much narrower […]

The Great Awokening

A concise but excellent and entirely correct description of how the left-wing of the capitalist class approaches racial issues. The Left will often point how out the right-wing will use racism, social conservatism,  invidiousness toward out-groups, etc. to distract the generally socially conservative, white working to middle classes […]

Black on Black Crime: The Myth

While it’s true that black males are 7% of the US population but commit 50% of the homicides, this data involves far less than 1% of black Americans overall, and is geographically contained to areas with high poverty rates. By Letitia Garred AnInjusticeMag A study by the U.S. […]

The Neo-Protestant Sectarians

When you create a meme that inadvertently makes the point that “CRTs,” “SJWs,” and similar others are not so much “Marxists” as types of sectarian neo-Protestants. It’s also not surprising that black intellectuals like Derrick Bell, Kimberly Crenshaw, etc. would develop a theoretical framework like this given the […]

On Having Whiteness

Change the title of this to “On Having Jewishness” and the problematic aspects of this line of thinking are illustrated. This article, along with the writings of Ibram X. Kendi, is the most extreme example I have seen to date of full-blown “left-racial supremacism” entering into mainstream discourse. […]

California’s Future of Pan-Enclavism

By Robert Stark California prides itself on its diversity with race relations that are generally better than many other parts of the nation. However, California, as a beacon for diversity, does have major problems including income inequality and a massive exodus out of the state. Problems with the […]

Parent: Why I pulled my daughter out of antiracist school

Freddie Sayers meets Andrew Gutmann. Listen to the podcast version here:… Accompanying article here:… Brearley is one of the most prestigious private schools in America. Based in the Upper East side of Manhattan, where the children of plutocrats and power brokers attend, the $54,000 a year […]

New Pluralist Vision for California

By Robert Stark, Medium The nation is caught up in a reckoning over racial justice that coincides with civil unrest and greater political polarization. In line with these national trends, California has put forth measures on racial justice grounds that include racial favoritist cash payouts, educational curriculum based […]

Tulsi Gabbard calls for Chicago mayor Lightfoot to resign over ‘anti-white racism’ causing social media uproar

Russia Today Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has condemned the “blatant anti-white racism” of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and called for her resignation. The culture war bombshell triggered both Republicans and her fellow Democrats. “Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent. I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and […]