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The Bigotry of Inclusion

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Finally, mercifully, it’s twenty-hundred and twenty-one, dearest motherfuckers. The year of our lord Satan, 2020, is finally fucking over and all around America there are signs of life. It’s a brand new spanking day for democracy, because 2021 doesn’t just bring an […]

Corporate Dictatorship, Mass Incarceration, and Imperialism: The Nature of the American State

By Yanis Iqbal, Hampton Think USA’s President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks have already deflated the hopes of lesser-evilists. Filled with deep-dyed neoliberals and unswerving imperialists, Biden’s cabinet will try its hardest to competently revive the murderous American empire. Externally, it would mean the professional management of an imperialist, […]

Leftist critique of the Decolonization movement

Because I am a 100% proponent of indigenous peoples’ rights, I am often accused of promoting “indigenous nationalism” by leftoidal “anarchists.” I tend to reject both SJWish decolonization theory, which aims to steer indigenous movements toward “cultural Marxism” (and therefore toward being tools for neoliberalism),  and the conventional […]

Walter Williams, Hero of Liberty, RIP

This is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in the relationship between the state and the oppression of blacks, particularly the relationship between economics laws, housing laws, and drug laws. Williams’ “The State Against Blacks” is a must-read. Another similar book that is quite good is Sowell’s […]

Ethnicity or Geography or Both?

By Troy Southgate Similarities have been drawn between National-Anarchism and aspects of the Dark Mountain Project and therefore it was only a matter of time before its chief spokesperson, Paul Kingsnorth, made an effort to distinguish his ideas from ours. Richard Hunt, one of National-Anarchism’s main influences, once […]

Walter Williams, R.I.P.

By Donald J. Boudreaux, Wall Street Journal America has lost one of its greatest economists and public intellectuals. Walter Williams died Wednesday morning after teaching his final class at George Mason University on Tuesday. He was 84. For 40 years Walter was the heart and soul of George […]

California Secedes From Black America

I don’t agree with this author’s crude stereotyping of blacks or his opposition to criminal justice reform, but he makes an interesting point. The “liberal-left” scored major victories involving referendums in the election, with everything from minimum wage increases to drug legalization to criminal justice reform passing in […]

Death by racism

The SJWish terminology and rhetoric in this aside, this is actually a very good discussion of the class disparities associated with the impact of the pandemic. The impact of the responses to the pandemic has largely been to allow the upper-middle and upper classes to go on a […]

The Struggle for Bottom Unity in an Age of Division

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley “The most interesting political questions throughout history have been whether or not humans will be ruled or free, whether they will be responsible for their actions as individuals or left irresponsible as members of society, and whether they can live in peace by volitional agreements alone.” -Karl Hess “We’ve got to […]