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Amy Chua, “Political Tribes”

Her comments about 30 minutes into this are on the money. She points out that US politics has become divided into competing coalitions of “tribes” who think they are oppressed and under attack, but who regard “the other side’s” claims of being oppressed as ridiculous. She also points […]

How White Democrats Moved Left

The social science research that Brooks (another neocon dumbass former Bush apologist) cites in this article confirms what I have long suspected, which is that issues like race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, immigration status, etc. as not nearly as divisive as beliefs that people hold ABOUT these […]

Indigenous Peoples and the Global Indigenous Movement

This essay and the accompanying annotated bibliography seem to be a decent overview of the indigenous peoples’ rights movements around the world. I’d argue that support for indigenous movements is really the foundation of anti-imperialism because the expropriation of indigenous people is really how modern (and many pre-modern) […]

Why Racists and SJWs Are Wrong

Recently, in the main N-AM group someone asked this question: “Is race “real”, or a social construct? What does science and biology show? If real then are the White Nationalists correct in their views? If a social construct then are the Anti-racist SJW types correct?” This was my […]

A History of Decentralization Jun 11, 2019 14 minute read (full) First let’s decentralize history… This month’s thematic has been a real challenge for us and raised many questions in our minds. Why? The history of decentralization is complex and non-linear. But most of all, it is difficult to be considered from […]

Why we disagree about human nature

Elizabeth Hannon & Tim Lewens (Eds) Why we disagree about human nature.Oxford University Press, 2018. 206 pp. £30 hbk. JULY 1, 2019 By Simon Jarrett If one day a disturbingly precocious child were to ask what part you had played in the nature/ nurture war, what would you reply? Were […]

The Trouble With White Guilt

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley White Guilt is a very serious affliction in this country. Its symptoms include cultural appropriation, political correctness, and obsessive NPR consumption. Fall is peak White Guilt season, wedged between our country’s most cherished celebrations of genocide, Columbus Day […]