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Joe Biden Fights White Supremacy! With More Goddamn White Supremacy

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Joe Biden wants to declare war on white supremacy or at least so he claims. “White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison… running through our body politic.” He forcefully declared at a recent PR junket following one of the seemingly endless active shooter tragedies that have sadly come to define Middle America in the last decade. Silence is complicity, our cognitively challenged commander-in-chief told a live studio audience in what came dangerously close to seeming like a rare moment of lucidity. “We need to say as clearly and as forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America.” He reiterated, pounding the message home, and after tragedies like the massacre in Buffalo, it’s hard for any reasonable human being to disagree with that sentiment.

Ten people slaughtered in cold blood, another three grievously wounded on the linoleum battlefield of an urban supermarket specifically selected on a map for its proximity to a predominantly Black community. An 18-year-old white kid, a fucking child, travelled 200 miles and three and a half hours from his predominantly white small town on the Pennsylvania border, armed with an AR-15 littered with racist graffiti, just to kill people he never met because he was terrified that somehow, they would replace him in America’s twisted caste system. Something isn’t wrong with this picture, everything is, and we should all be able to agree that something needs to be done to reshape the paradigm of this nation’s entrenched race relations to end this madness. Our president and his party, which has long billed itself as the guardians of America’s marginalized communities, claim they agree, but they have come up with a rather strange way to show it.

The Democrats answer to the distinctly American cancer of white supremacy is to add it to our nation’s long list of targets in the ever-expanding and decidedly undemocratic wars on crime and terrorism. The House recently passed yet another in a long line of domestic terrorism prevention acts, which thankfully died a partisan death in the Senate, as part of a long campaign to empower both local and federal law enforcement to confront the scourge of radical extremism in the wake of Donald Trump’s incendiary dog-whistle concert of a presidency and the January 6 riot which seemed to epitomize it.

The result is the rather absurd spectacle of a party who ran its last election as a referendum on the lynching of George Floyd dumping millions of dollars into the system that lynched him, the system that many of them promised to defund. “We have to not only talk about how we’re going to end the hate” their president drones on with an increasingly hollow stoicism “but who’s responsible for generating it.” But who is responsible for generating it? And can we really trust a party who places a man like Joe Biden on its mantle in trying times of racial division to confront it? A man who, let’s face it, is essentially a career white supremacist in his own right.


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