NYPD Officers Blare ‘Trump 2020’ From Patrol Car Speakers, Terrorizing Majority Black Neighborhood: WATCH Reply

Adrian Garcia, The Daily Grind

At least three New York City police officers parked their patrol car on a crosswalk in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn Saturday night and repeatedly used the NYPD vehicle’s loudspeaker to blare: “Trump 2020!”

According to the police department’s “prohibited conduct” patrol guide, officers are not allowed to endorse any specific political candidate or anyone who holds public office while in uniform or on-duty.

Multiple video angles emerged on social media showing several officers standing around the flashing police car and offering loud endorsements of President Trump’s re-election in the predominantly African American and West Indian neighborhood.

A man in one video recording confronts the police cruiser on St. Paul’s Place and challenges the officer on the loudspeaker to offer his endorsement of Trump one more time.

The officer obliges before the other two begin exchanging expletives with the pedestrian, according to Talia Jane, who first posted one angle of the video on Twitter.

“Do it again. What, you can’t say ‘Trump 2020’ now? F***ing p***y. Say it again,” the man on the street says, daring the NYPD officers to continue broadcasting their pro-Trump messages to the neighborhood.

“Trump 2020,” the officer says over the lousdpeaker once again, before repeating it several more times in other angles of the video.

“Go f**k yourself, you f***ing fascist,” the pedestrian replies.

The police officer on the loudspeaker then proceeds to mock the person recording the video, saying, “Trump 2020. Put it on Facebook, put it on YouTube…tough guy, tough guy,” according to a video recorded by Twitter user Brandon K. Hines Saturday night.


Activists Build Facial Recognition to ID Cops Who Hide Their Badges 1

By Dan Robitzski, Futurism

In order to hold police accountable when they try to hide their identities, a growing number of activists are developing facial recognition tools that identify cops, The New York Times reports — a striking inversion of the way cops tend to use facial recognition on protestors and suspects.

It’s a satisfying role reversal. Police are hiding their identities while cracking down on protests, in other words, just to be outed by the same invasive technology that they use to surveil the populace.

One of the projects was a shower thought for self-taught programmer Christopher Howell. He’s identifying cops in Portland, Oregon because they were permitted to cover their names while responding to protests. Portland banned facial recognition for cops and companies, but the NYT reports that Howell’s project is permitted because he’s an individual working on a passion project.

“There’s a lot of excessive force here in Portland,” Howell told the NYT. “Knowing who the officers are seems like a baseline.”

Building these tools has become simple, the NYT reports, due to increasingly common off-the-shelf software. The real challenge, activists say, is finding enough images of local police to train the algorithm. They’ve had luck on social media, they told the newspaper.

“For a while now, everyone was aware the big guys could use this to identify and oppress the little guys, but we’re now approaching the technological threshold where the little guys can do it to the big guys,” Andrew Maximov, a developer working on a similar project, told the NYT. “It’s not just the loss of anonymity. It’s the threat of infamy.”


Why 4,998 died in U.S. jails without getting their day in court Reply

The U.S. government collects detailed data on who’s dying in which jails around the country – but won’t let anyone see it. So, Reuters conducted its own tally of fatalities in America’s biggest jails, pinpointing where suicide, botched healthcare and bad jailkeeping are claiming lives in a system with scant oversight.

Harvey Hill wouldn’t leave John Finnegan’s front yard. He stood in the pouring rain, laughing at the sky, alarming his former boss’ wife. Finnegan dialed 911.

“He needs a mental evaluation,” the landscaper recalls telling the arriving officer. Instead, Hill was charged with trespassing and jailed on suspicion of a misdemeanor offense that could bring a $500 fine.

It was a death sentence.



Hunter Reveals Biden’s War On Drugs Hypocrisy Reply

Biden is a total piece of shit but one thing he gets right is that liberals and civil rights leaders were just as big on the drug war back in the day as conservatives, racists, and law and order types. They may deny it now but I was there, lol.

Krystal Ball blasts the New York Post for publishing photos of Hunter Biden in the throes of his addiction and draws parallels to high drug use in the U.S. amid the pandemic.

Kamala Harris Hopes You’ll Forget Her Record as a Drug Warrior & Draconian Prosecutor Reply

It’s rather remarkable that anyone would consider electing this individual to anything to somehow be an indication of “progress.”

The senator and presidential hopeful went to bat for dirty prosecutors, opposed marijuana legalization, and championed policies that endanger sex workers.

The Police Are Fat Bastards Reply

One thing I’ve found interesting about recent events is that even a lot of conservatives are not going to bat for the police.

By Dean

Make sure you read all this post before you comment, but I will say this now. The police are fat bastards who are too stupid to do anything except eat donuts and play candy crush and have zero courage or conviction. I know I’m supposed to be all-out in favour of law and order and stuff as a conservative, but myself and the police do not have a good history.  I’ve seen them use public order powers to split up legitimate meetings before. So I’m not massively surprised by what they’re currently doing to Grimes.
Whenever I have called the police in the past, it’s because I’ve been properly-threatened. Such as the time when and unknown gang with unknown motives attempted to kick down my front-door and practically attacked the entire street (who, I might add, also called the police). Such as the time when a group of customers lost their shit and started ransacking my studio.


Police Officers Threaten to Quit If the Public Keeps Demanding Accountability Reply


By Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute

Faced with an armed assailant at the Parkland school shooting in 2018, sheriff’s deputy Josh Stambaugh ran away and hid while children were gunned down. He was later fired for his lack of action, but last month arbitrators ruled that Stambaugh must be rehired by the sheriff’s department, and he will likely receive more than $100,000 in back pay. In 2018, at the time of his firing, Stambaugh earned $152,000 in base pay and overtime. It looks like he’ll soon be back on the payroll “protecting and serving” the community.

When faced with unarmed suspects, however, some police officers are quite a bit more enthusiastic. For example, when Mesa, Arizona, officer Philip Brailsford gunned down a crawling, sobbing, and unarmed man in a hotel hallway, he paid no price beyond losing his job. He was acquitted in the shooting and was soon thereafter rehired by the police department so he could claim a $31,000-per-year-for-life pension.

It is cases like these which help explain the growing popularity of police reform efforts in recent years.


Kamala Harris Is a Cop Who Wants To Be President Reply

A great possibility exists that this person will be the acting President of the United States in a few months. I consider her to be more dangerous than either Trump or Biden because she gives the police state a “progressive” gloss, and she is also a complete toady for the Hillaryite/neocon alliance in the foreign policy realm.

By Elizabeth Nolan Brown


In the years since former California Attorney General Kamala Harris entered national public life—first as a U.S. senator, now as a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination—one strain of criticism has surfaced again and again. It can be captured in just five words: Kamala Harris is a cop.

The phrase, which the candidate’s critics use frequently, is meant to conjure more than just Harris’ history as a hard-nosed San Francisco prosecutor. It’s colloquial. To label someone a cop in this way is never to invoke the best behavior one might expect from police officers. It implies the person is a bully, a bootlicker, a professional tattler—the sort of person who shuts down un-authorized lemonade stands run by kids. A cop, in this context, is someone who will always defer to authority and the status quo, someone who is unaccountable and not to be trusted. Calling someone a cop invokes the worst sorts of police overreach, a legalistic authoritarianism that exists for its own sake.


California sheriff’s deputies say they didn’t know it was illegal to lie about evidence on police reports: report Reply

It’s getting so not even FOX will go to bat for the fuzz.

By Stephen Pagones

FOX News

Two former Orange County sheriff’s deputies told a California grand jury they did not know it was against the law to falsify police documents, an offense that led to their firing and conviction amid a widespread department “evidence scandal” that came to light last year, according to a local report.


An Assessment of the Gelderloos/Crimethinc Analysis Reply

This is my assessment of the recent piece by Peter Gelderloos at Crimethinc, “Preparing for Electoral Unrest and a Right-Wing Power Grab.” The Crimethinc article is a great companion piece to the recent commentary by It’s Going Down (which I critique here) and Three-Way Fight (which I had a brief comment on here with further elaboration here). It’s also interesting to compare these far-left/anarchist/anti-fascist analyses with that of fourth-generation warfare theorist Bill Lind from the far-right.

By Keith Preston

The main things I would add to or dissent from the Gelderloos analysis would be these: I don’t think there is any ruling class faction that desires the restoration of pre-civil rights era race relations, and views like that are very marginal even on the periphery. The ruling class is opposed to minorities that resist “system values” and as class divisions are widening that has racial implications as well, but it seems the overwhelming majority of the ruling class favors a kind of technocratic multicultural statism for many practical/pragmatic reasons. I have an article about that coming out soon. And leading “right-wing” street fighter groups frequently include minorities, even in leadership positions. Their “racial reductionism” is a longstanding criticism I have of the left-anarchist/anti-racist types. White supremacists are the most marginal sector within the far-right and are often in conflict with other far-right sectors, including some that are very similar in other ways. Most of the far-right views white supremacists in the same way that the far-left views anti-Semitic black racialists.


Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Audio Reveals Conflicting Accounts of Fatal Raid Reply

Would a civilian get away with it? If not, then there is one law for the peasants and one for the king’s knights.

By Will Wright, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and John Eligon

New York Times

Two very different accounts emerged on Friday from either side of an apartment door in Louisville, the one that police officers knocked off its hinges in March as they delivered a search warrant at the home of Breonna Taylor.


NYT Prints STRAIGHT UP Propaganda Justifying Hong Kong Crackdown, Staffers Silent Reply

What Krystal and Saager are not getting is that China is a test market for techno-fascist authoritarianism of the kind that the forces of totalitarian humanism want to bring to the West. Hong Kong is a test market for a future purge of protest movements in the US. The methods that have been used by the Chinese state to suppress dissent in the mainland and the rebellion in Hong Kong are the methods that will be used in the West eventually.

The Cop Who Quit Instead of Helping to Gentrify Atlanta Reply

The cop who realized he was really working for organized crime.

Mother Jones

“It dawned on me that the entire system, the entire thing, was just a shitty mafia system.”

Three years in, I had basically arrived—I had been transferred to the day shift. It was the premier shift. You wanted to get the day shift because those are the best hours, good days off.

On my beat, they started telling me: “We really want you to start policing this section of Boulevard and Ponce de Leon Avenue, basically the Bedford Pines Apartments. We think there are dope boys in there. We think there’s a lot of illegal activity happening and we want to really focus there. So we’re gonna put up signs that say you can’t park on the street. I want you to go and write tickets on every single car that’s on the street and I want you to get those cars out of there; if they don’t move, tow ’em. I want you to start running checks on everybody standing on the street; if they have got warrants, I want you to lock ’em up.”


An ICE Nurse Revealed That A Georgia Detention Center Is Performing Mass Hysterectomies Reply

By Izzie Ramirez

Refinery 29

On Monday, a nurse at a private immigration detention center in Georgia came forward about a range of dangerous medical practices at a U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility. According to her, the center has not only ignored COVID-19 protocols, but is actively performing mass hysterectomies on detained people.
The whistleblower, Dawn Wooten, worked at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) — which is operated by LaSalle Corrections — where she allegedly witnessed the company’s refusal to test detainees for COVID-19 as well as spoke to several people who each had their uterus removed as part of an unwarranted hysterectomy procedure. According to the official complaint lodged with the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security, Wooten said that the facility was performing hysterectomies on people who reported having heavy menstrual cycles or other more serious pain, but that “everybody’s uterus cannot be that bad.”