Category: Police State/Civil Liberties

The End of America?

What has been the most interesting is the way that so many “progressives,” many of the same people who often talk endlessly about “fascism,” have often been the same ones who are the most eager to embrace all of this without question or hesitation. By Naomi Wolf, American […]

Overcriminalization and Criminal Justice Reform

One thing that is interesting is that overcriminalization has become so far-reaching and pervasive that even many traditionally conservative groups have criticized it like the Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, the Koch-affiliated groups, etc. The issue seems to be that the police state and overcriminalization has been […]

Risk More Dictatorship

By Thomas Russig, TELOS The corona crisis remains an experience of helplessness, even though infection rates are falling. Despite all the limitations on everyday life and despite the start of the vaccinations, an end to the restrictions is nowhere in sight—even though a few countries have succeeded in […]

President for Life?

While I generally regard the January 6 incident as an ordinary riot rather than a serious coup attempt, what is being described in this meme is by no means impossible. Also, it could come from any direction, not just the most obvious source. A right-wing demagogue who becomes […]

When in Doubt, Choose Freedom

By Otfried Höffe, TELOS It is hard to believe. More than seventy years after the adoption of the Basic Law, a constitution opposed to all dictatorships, two principles have ceased to be self-evident: the content of the basic freedoms and the separation of powers in the organization of […]

The War on Privacy

By Matt Taibbi My colleague Glenn Greenwald hit the nail on the head this weekend when he wrote about “tattletale journalism,” in which media reporters for the largest companies spend their time attacking speech, instead of defending it. The miserable trend just reached its apex when Taylor Lorenz […]

Let Us Drink in Public

This reads like something out of Reason Magazine. Is the old-fashioned anti-authoritarian left making a comeback? By Miles Kampf-Laffin, The Jacobin The aromas of freshly stewed gumbo and boiled crawfish wafted out onto the street in front of Broadview Seafood at the edge of New Orleans’s Seventh Ward. […]

Corporate Dictatorship, Mass Incarceration, and Imperialism: The Nature of the American State

By Yanis Iqbal, Hampton Think USA’s President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks have already deflated the hopes of lesser-evilists. Filled with deep-dyed neoliberals and unswerving imperialists, Biden’s cabinet will try its hardest to competently revive the murderous American empire. Externally, it would mean the professional management of an imperialist, […]