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Florida sheriff on shooting intruders: ‘We’d prefer that you do actually’

Postmedia News

A Florida sheriff wants citizens to take the law into their own hands if someone is breaking into their home.

“If someone is breaking into your house you’re more than welcome to shoot at them in Santa Rosa County,” Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson told reporters following the arrest of a suspected intruder last week. “We’d prefer that you do actually.”

In the related case, a 32-year-old man was caught by police after allegedly trying to break into homes near Pensacola, Fla. He was fired at by someone in a house at one point, but the shot missed.

Johnson said the shooter did the right thing, but should take a course to learn how to shoot properly, according to the New York Daily News.

“If you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better, and hopefully, you’ll save the taxpayers money,” Johnson said.

The man was arrested and faces multiple charges and a $157,700 (U.S.) bond.


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