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The Neo-Protestant Sectarians

When you create a meme that inadvertently makes the point that “CRTs,” “SJWs,” and similar others are not so much “Marxists” as types of sectarian neo-Protestants. It’s also not surprising that black intellectuals like Derrick Bell, Kimberly Crenshaw, etc. would develop a theoretical framework like this given the […]

What James Carville Knows

Watch for the Democrats (currently led by arch police statists Biden and Harris) to move toward stronger “law and order” rhetoric in the future. There will be three purposes for doing so: pacifying a general public concerned about rising crime rates, winning over swing voters from the right, […]

How the State Will Co-opt the Anti-Police Movement

One thing that we learned from the anti-police riots last year is that the state/ruling class/power elite generally prefers to co-opt and absorb protest movements rather than engaging in large-scale direct repression. Remember that corporations and banks were adopting BLM symbolism as their own,  and conducting seminars on […]

We Are In a Revolution

From Sean Gabb. I think Sean may be understating it a bit. In the US, even the military, homeland security, and intelligence agencies are involved. We now have CIA propaganda talking about intersectionality. Meanwhile, anti-terrorism laws and state surveillance are being strengthened.

How Should the Left Think About Crime?

Adaner Usmani, assistant professor of sociology and social studies at Harvard University, joins us to discuss the current wave of violent crime in the US, the law-and-order backlashes of prior decades, and the origins of mass incarceration. The Jacobin Show airs every Wednesday at 6 PM ET and […]

How Do We End Racism in Policing?

Abolishing qualified immunity is spot on. American Civil Liberties Union The murder of George Floyd last year was another wake-up call for many Americans about racism in policing. It was also a reminder that past efforts to address racist police practices have failed repeatedly. At the time of […]