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Colorado Governor Says Marijuana And Psychedelics Legalization Has Been ‘Very Good’ For His State

Marijuana Moment

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) says that his state’s moves to legalize marijuana and psychedelics have resulted in a “very good” experience—and he believes that adults broadly should have the right to make decisions for themselves about using drugs.

In an interview that was published on Tuesday, John Stossel asked the Democratic governor about various policy positions he holds that happen to align with libertarian principles, including his stance on drug policy issues.

“Yeah, it has been very good,” Polis said of the state-level legalization of marijuana in 2012 and psychedelics last year. “We put a lot of the corner drug dealers out of business. It’s created jobs [and] tax revenue, and it’s led to a safer product.”

Polis signed a bill to implement regulations for the voter-approved psychedelics reform in May. And while possession and personal cultivation is now legal for adults, the regulated “healing centers” where adults will be able to receive substances like psilocybin haven’t been licensed yet, so the governor’s comments about revenue and safe products primarily apply to the state’s marijuana market for now.

Asked if he had any “worries” about the reforms, Polis replied that he thinks “it’s ultimately a matter of personal responsibility.”

“If you want to use marijuana—if you want to drink, if you want to smoke—that’s your prerogative,” he said. “The government shouldn’t be deciding that for you.”

The clip of the interview focused on cannabis and psychedelics—but notably, the governor shared an article that Stossel wrote about the exchange for Reason that carried the more all-encompassing headline, “The Democratic Governor Who Wants Drug Legalization and Free Markets.”

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