“The New Jim Crow” Michelle Alexander VS. Jesse Lee Peterson on Mass Incarceration Reply

An interesting debate between a black leftist and a black conservative.

I would generally agree with Michelle Alexander’s thesis that the police/carceral state and prison-industrial complex is merely the modern version of American black slavery or Jim Crow. But where I would disagree is that I think her analysis is too limited to the race issue in a way that ignores the context of state and class,

The US ruling class response to the black insurgency of the 1950s and 1960s was the standard strategy: co-optation with the left-hand, repression with the right-hand. The creation of the civil rights paradigm, the expansion of the welfare state, race-based policy initiatives, and the “diversity” ideology were intended to co-opt the black middle class, expand its size, and incorporate it into the wider system.


Glenn Loury: ‘We’re Being Swept Along by Hysteria’ About Racism in America Reply

A somewhat interesting interview with a leading black conservative.

I would be inclined to argue that, at present, substantial sectors of the capitalist class (including some major capitalist entities) along with their allies in the new clerisy/new class that dominates the “ideas industries” are fueling anti-racism hysteria in order to deflect attention away from the class-based nature of the insurrection. They do this because a race war is less antithetical to their interests than a class war. However, contra the Marxists and left-anarchists, it doesn’t stop at class either. Even a class war is more co-optable than a direct war against the state itself.

All of this follows an easily identifiable pattern in US history.


Yes, We Can Live Without Police 1

By Natasha

“Could we live without the police?”

It isn’t as out there as many seem to think.

As Taoism, Confucianism, and other older beliefs rightfully point out, if a society is good, or rather natural/organic, then customs or dharma is respected therefore a ‘police’ is entirely unneeded.

The more police or laws are needed in a society, it only shows how much further it has strayed from the ‘good’ or organic, which is also harmonious.

Needless to say we are quite far flung from that, a signature of this Age.

Going back a little less far, the 18th century, this is the more probable outcome. There would be regions of the US more ‘tame’ than others. There would be San Francisco or Deadwood, of which had their own loose enforced rules but were quite autonomous, full of vices and ‘dens of inequity’.

But there would also be the more prudent Protestant regions or towns, be it rural or what New England of old was.

The tamer would gravitate to the tamer, the wilder to the wilder, and both would self-regulate in their own ways.


My Family Saw a Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween. Then I Learned How NYPD Impunity Works. 1

So I guess the main thing James Fields did wrong was not becoming a cop before he ran over Heather Heyer.

By Eric Umansky

Pro Publica

Last Halloween, my wife and then-6-year-old daughter were making their way home after trick-or-treating in Brooklyn. Suddenly, an unmarked NYPD car with sirens wailing began speeding against traffic up a one-way street, our neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. The officer seemed to be going after a few teenage boys.

Then, in an instant, the car hit one of the kids.


Officer fired over Breonna Taylor’s death appeals termination Reply

Some of these characters definitely have chutzpah. I’ll give ’em that.

By Victoria Albert

CBS News

Former police officer Brett Hankison has appealed his firing over the death of 26-year-old emergency medical worker Breonna Taylor. In the appeal, Hankison’s lawyers argue that officials bowed to public pressure and fired him before the FBI, Kentucky Attorney General’s Office and the Kentucky State Police had completed their investigations.


A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege. It’s Already Being Tested. Reply

This kind of like when Lenin referred to middle-class liberals as useful idiots for the revolution. If these do-gooder types can be guilt-shamed into anti-piggishness, fine. Whatever works.


New York Times

MINNEAPOLIS — When Shari Albers moved three decades ago into Powderhorn Park, a tree-lined Minneapolis neighborhood known as a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists like herself, she went to work sprucing it up.

She became a block club leader, organizing her mostly white neighbors to bring in playgrounds and help tackle longstanding issues with crime.

On many nights, she banged on the car windows of men who had come to solicit prostitutes outside her door, she said. She kept meticulous notes when dozens of men would gather in a circle for gang meetings in the park across from her house. After each episode, she called the police.



FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln Reply

Here it comes. The state attacks with the right hand and co-opts with the left hand.

FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln. Trump announced last night hundreds of arrests of far left rioters over the destruction of statues.

The Five Dangers Facing the Lumpenproletariat Reply

If recent events are a foreshadowing of events to come, which they may well be, it would seem that the lumpenproletariat faces five primary dangers when it comes to future revolutionary activity.


The Myth of Systemic Police Racism 1

What I find most interesting about this article is that it shows Americans not only live in what amounts to different countries, but they also inhabit what amounts to different realities. What matters is the myths, legends, and symbols that different tribes hold to and not concrete factual realities, which is why the left places so much emphasis on attacking historic iconography, even if serves no practical purpose and is strategically unwise, and why a guy like Trump is still fixated on flag-burners.

By Heather MacDonald

Manhattan Institute

Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias.


Elderly Black Lives Matter protester injured by police and trolled by Trump in hiding after death threats 1

I’ve had a lot of elderly, FOX News watching Red Tribers tell me they were super pissed about what happened to Martin Gugino.

The Independent

Martin Gugino, the protester shoved to the ground by Buffalo police officers during the George Floyd protests, is recuperating in a secret location due to threats he’s received.

Mr Gugino’s attorney said on Thursday that his client had received “concerning and threatening messages and one letter” since he was assaulted by police officers in Buffalo.

The 75-year activist was seen in a viral video being shoved by a police officer. After hitting the ground, Mr Gugino lay unmoving, blood seeping from his ear. The officers marched by and ignored him, even after becoming aware of the blood. At one point, one officer actively prevents another officer from stopping to help.


The Seven Factions of the 2020 Street Battles? 1

Based on all of the articles, videos, and first-person commentary I’ve seen so far, it seems like there have been seven basic categories of participants in the uprising/street battles to date. I’m curious as to whether others would agree with this assessment based on their own experiences.

  1. Conventional protestors: Persons of all ethnic backgrounds, ranging from lower class to upper-middle-class (and even upper class, given the participation of Mitt Romney), whose level of political awareness is limited to criticisms of “police misconduct,” “police brutality,” “social injustice,” “racial injustice,” etc.  Basically, the things they learned in their university social science classes and liberal Methodist Sunday Schools. However limited their vision, we will need these folks for the eventual human wave attack on the military-industrial complex.


Let’s get honest about Chicago police: They will never embrace reform Reply

Chicago Sun-Times

In a commentary in the Sun-Times on June 20, Chicago Police Deputy Supt. Barbara West assures us that no one is “more frustrated with the slow pace of reform” of the police department than her.

In response, one can only say — prove it.

Last week, the monitor overseeing the consent decree designed to guide police reform in Chicago issued a second report on the city’s progress with the requirements of the decree. The deputy superintendent tells us that it details “deadlines and areas of compliance that have been missed.” Talk about an understatement.


Mapping the State’s Strategy of Repression Against the Rebellion Reply

It’s Going Down

While the recent rebellion against the police and white supremacy has been historical, it has also been coupled by an attempt by the State to drown the uprising in a sea of tear-gas and rubber bullets. While demonstrations and actions continue, the State is now gearing up for a more long-term strategy of repression, as a vast network of FBI agents, attorneys, and local police comb through hours of footage and social media, looking for targets.

Already, over 10,000 people have been arrested across the so-called US and around 75 currently have federal charges; many of which carry extensive prison sentences. Moreover, there are reports of FBI door-knocks and visits to those that have recently been arrested. Often times people are being asked if they are involved in “antifa” while some are even propositioned with becoming informants.


Kamala Harris: “Everyone can finally bear witness to the violence” against Black citizens by police Reply

Kamala Harris would be the ruling class’ ideal figurehead at this point. A “woman of color” who consolidates the totalitarian humanist ideological framework with the left hand, while strengthening the police/carceral state with the right hand.

Sen. Kamala Harris speaks on the Senate floor about historical and modern violence visited upon Black Americans by the police.

Trump proposes ‘long-term jail sentences’ for vandalizing statues Reply

Speculation: The state may attempt to co-opt the protests/rebellion with the left hand by exploiting it in order to strengthen the totalitarian humanist ideological superstructure, while seek to expand police state repression with the right hand by bringing conspiracy and other charges against protest leaders.

Silence of the Swine: Abolish the Police and Bring Back the Panthers 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

One thing that has become crystal fucking clear to any sane sentient creature with a pulse who has paid attention to current events over the last month is the fact that America’s cherished fascist institution known as the police is completely and totally fucking useless to working class people. By night, our self-flagellating martyrs in blue become harder to find than Waldo as they’re outnumbered by the most irate of the citizenry they’ve wronged, who’ve turned their rage inward towards defenseless small business’ while the true target of their anger cowers in the shadows of the flames. By sunrise however, these heavily armed cowards suddenly rediscover that old fighting side of them and prove their shriveled manhood by laying into guitar-strumming pacifists with flailing truncheons, Covid-friendly tear gas, and a torrential downpour of barely-less-than-lethal rubber rounds. Just like schoolyard bullies and neo-Nazi skinheads, the neckless jarheads of the American police state are only badass’ when its ten against one and that one is a sickly old peacenik that could be bowled over by a stiff wind.


The System Is the Real Cause of Blame 10

By Troy Southgate

Those of you who are genuinely opposed to injustice, regardless whether you think Blacks get a worse deal than Whites or vice versa, might like to set your emotions to one side for a moment and think about the following. The mass protests organised by Black Lives Matter are two steps removed from what should really become the focus of public outrage. Let’s take it one stage at a time:
1. The RACE issue is irrelevant because it has not been established that George Floyd was killed for racist motives and police violence is directed at people of all colours and creeds.
2. The POLICE are not the ultimate source of blame as they are mercenaries who are answerable to the State.
3. The SYSTEM is the real cause of blame and those in the banks, boardrooms and stock exchanges are using your taxes to fund the politicians, bureaucrats, soldiers and police who enforce tyranny on their behalf.


Adam-12 Was ‘Copaganda’—And Cops Should Emulate It 1

I used to watch this show as a kid and thought that’s what real police work was. Fortunately, I eventually “put away childish things.”

By Addison Del Mastro

The American Conservative

It’s been a staple of television for decades: a dramatic or comedic show following the work of a pair of police officers as they go about their sworn duty to protect and serve.

From Dragnet to Police Squad (in color!) to NYPD Blue to The Wire to Brooklyn 99, the cop show has taken many forms. Some have merely used police as a more or less incidental backdrop to comedy (in the way that Irish cult classic sitcom Father Ted wasn’t really about religion or priests). Others have shown the darker and grittier side of police work, not altogether sympathetically. And some have managed to deal with serious issues, including critiques of police misconduct, with humor. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, there’s been a lot of talk about canceling or reimagining cop shows. There’s also one worth watching anew: Dragnet’s late-60s, full-color cousin Adam-12.