Lady Killers: Government gunners prefer their targets soft, pale, and innocent.

By K. Lloyd Billingsley Independent Institute

As the great state of Minnesota recently confirmed, a police officer of Somali extraction can gun down an unarmed woman who called 911 to report a crime, get his murder conviction tossed, and gain release after serving only 57 months. That works out to less than five years for Mohamed Noor, who will walk free in the new year.

As the U.S. Congress and Department of Justice have confirmed, a Capitol Police officer can gun down an unarmed woman and face no criminal charges at all. The lucky shooter is Lt. Michael Byrd, the officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6. The Capitol Police claimed that officer Byrd “acted lawfully and in line with police department policy.” Back on April 15, the Justice Department said it “will not pursue criminal charges against the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Babbitt, a veteran of the Air Force.

As the FBI, Justice Department, and former Attorney General William Barr have confirmed, an FBI sniper can gun down an unarmed, innocent woman holding her infant child and suffer no criminal penalty. That case, from 1992, foreshadowed the killing of Ashli Babbitt.

Julie Kelly took the trouble to call Ashli’s mother, Michie Witthoeft. Witthoeft had called her state’s senior senator, San Francisco Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Perhaps she thought that Feinstein, mother of former Superior Court Judge Katherine Feinstein, would understand the loss of a daughter. Babbitt’s mother was wrong.


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