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And Now . . . Climate Lockdowns!

The Corbett Report   Watch the video on Archive / BitChute / Odysee or Download the mp4 This week on the New World Next Week: the controlled demolition of the economy continues apace; France introduces climate lockdowns (exactly as predicted); and trust in the dinosaur media sinks to NEW all-time lows! CLICK HERE for show […]

Why Is Libertarian Ingram Spencer In Jail?

FREEDOM, DEMOKRASI AND CIVILISED HUMANITY In defense of freedom, democracy and civilised humanity is an increasingly intolerant Western world. Click to watch Ingram speak about freedom. Ingram Spencer is a United Australia Party candidate in the marginal seat of Higgins in the upcoming federal election. He is a […]

Oh God It’s Going To Get SO Much Worse

By Caitlin Johnstone Rightists have spent the last couple of days freaking out and invoking Orwell’s 1984 in response to something their political enemies are doing in America, and for once it’s for a pretty good reason. The Department of Homeland Security has secretly set up a “Disinformation […]

No-Knock Raids Rip a Hole in the Fourth Amendment

“We’re all potential victims.”—Peter Christ, retired police officer Rubber-stamped, court-issued warrants for no-knock SWAT team raids have become the modern-day equivalent of colonial-era writs of assistance. [Click to Tweet] It’s the middle of the night. Your neighborhood is in darkness. Your household is asleep. Suddenly, you’re awakened by […]