Category: State Repression

Strange Deep State Bedfellows

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness How long can the alliance between the surveillance state and what looks like an increasingly lunatic ruling class last? ictor Davis Hanson’s recent mordant comments about the degree to which the FBI will go to influence elections and its shameless defense of this […]

FBI Targeted & Labeled Parents as Domestic Terrorists – Former FBI Agent and Whistleblower Explains

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The Grayzone speaks out for Assange

Outside the British Consulate in New York City on December 10, 2022, The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal called for the freedom of Julian Assange and denounced the corporate media’s demonization and abandonment of the Wikileaks founder. Blumenthal was joined by Roger Waters, Steven Donzinger, Margaret Kunstler, Garland Nixon, Randy […]

Three Paths to Despotism

By Joel Kotkin “Democracy is at stake,” US President Biden told a gathering of Democratic Party governors on September 28th. His warning about the global spread of illiberalism followed the stunning gains made by populist parties in Sweden and Italy, the latter of which he mentioned directly. “We […]

The Last Defense Against Tyranny

By Jeff Minick, Intellectual Takeout Feminist writer Naomi Wolf, once beloved by progressives, has decided to go a different direction in the last few years. She has written much about totalitarianism and believes the United States is marching swiftly along the road to such a dictatorship. Needless to […]