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Evaluating Biden’s Shift Leftward

In this Wolff Responds, Prof. Wolff comments on Biden’s policies and his shift to the left. Wolff argues that Biden is simply softening and slowing the effects of a declining US economy, but shows no signs of wanting to stop or reverse it. Biden’s tactics are no where […]

Wokeness Is Hurting Democrats

It is somewhat amusing to watch these 20something and 30something woke/hip “progressives” finally starting to at least partially realize what I have been telling them for 25 years. The reasons that I became such an outspoken critic of “political correctness” (or whatever one wishes to call it) were […]

2016: The Turning Point

The main effect of Trumpism seems to have been to accelerate the leftward drift of US culture.   I would point out, however, that it is only on cultural issues where the left is winning. The USA continues to be as statist, capitalist, and imperialist as it ever was, […]

Why is Everything Liberal?

When the majority of the capitalist class and the intelligence services have adopted “wokeness” as their self-legitimating ideology, we know that the totalitarian humanist revolution is complete. By Richard Hanania In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side […]

The looming Democrat Civil War

By Joel Kotkin The Democratic Party has always been a loose confederation of outsiders — poor farmers, union members, populists, European immigrants and southern segregationists. As the actor Will Rogers said in 1924: “I am not a member of any organised political party. I am a Democrat.” Yet […]

Is It Time to Cancel FDR?

Michael Lind nails it again. The Democrats are now the new Rockefeller Republicans, and the Republicans are now Jacksonian Democrats (as was FDR). By Michael Lind, Tablet Seventy-six years ago today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, serving his fourth term in office, died in his “little White House” in […]