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Czech voters deal a blow to populism

Thursday, February 2, 2023 Tom Nichols Staff writer Only a few years ago, democracies around the world seemed to be turning toward the pluto-populists, the wealthy men and women who convinced millions of ordinary voters that liberal democracy had run its course. They’re still out there—but their star […]

Life After Trump

by Peter Zeihan on January 27, 2023 Disclaimer: The following newsletters were originally published in early 2021. As the newsletter continues to grow, I will occasionally re-share some of my older releases for the newer members of the audience. The years of Donald Trump’s presidency are known far and wide. And […]

The Soros Wave Is Here

Jose Alberto Nino 10 hr ago Share We’re in January, mid-January to be exact. The new congress is sworn in, just as many individuals across the country in various positions have been as well. What does this mean? That means if you’re in states like Florida, you’re gonna […]

Kamala Harris Is a Flop

The underwhelming vice presidency of an unpopular former prosecutor has created a succession problem for the Democrats. Elizabeth Nolan Brown | From the February 2023 issue Reason (Illustration: Joanna Andreasson; Source photo: Gage Skidmore) When Kamala Harris announced her presidential candidacy in January 2019, she was met with […]

The Anti-Twitter Files: January 6th Committee Report Shows How Twitter Leaned Over Backwards To Protect Trump & Conservatives

from the reality-bites dept Fri, Jan 13th 2023 09:25am – Mike Masnick For all the talk of the “Twitter Files,” as we’ve detailed, they’ve mostly been, at best, misleading, and frequently actively wrong. One of the big reveals, we were told, was that the Files were going to expose the political machinations of […]

Classified Doc Debacle- Are Democrats Looking For A Creative Way To OUST Biden?

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