Joe Biden: An old man trying to lead a young country Reply

Biden is playing the same role in relation to the Totalitarian Humanists that Paul von Hindenberg played to the National Socialists.

By John F. Harris


Joseph R. Biden Jr., at the age of 77 years, nine months, and 10 days has been alive for just a shade under one-third of the entire history of the United States as an independent nation.

One way to think about that is: Biden really is quite old.

Another way to think about that is: The United States really is quite young.

On Aug. 20, the day Biden will accept the Democratic nomination in his bid to become the oldest occupant of the White House — he would be 78 days older on his first day in office than Ronald Reagan was on his last—it is worth holding the subject up to the light from both angles.

How old is Biden?

Well, he is older than 94 percent of all living Americans, and older than 96 percent of all people alive on the planet, according to demographic data compiled by the United Nations.

He is already older than 27 presidents were when they died — including 14 years older than Franklin D. Roosevelt and 13 years older than Lyndon B. Johnson.

When Biden arrived in the U.S. Senate at age 30 on Jan. 3, 1973, he joined six senators who were born in the late 1800s. Of those 100 people — all of them men, and only one not white — he is one of just 13 who are still alive today.


Left outraged by AOC’s bit role at Democratic convention 2

Alexandria and Bernie have the distinction of playing the role of Otto and Gregor Strasser to Biden’s Paul von Hindenberg and Kamala’s Fuhrer.

By Alex Thompson and Caitlin Oprysko


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had less time to speak at the Democratic National Convention than a former Republican governor, a George W. Bush Cabinet official, and the party’s unsuccessful 2004 nominee.

And the left isn’t happy about it, reigniting some of the tension from the 2020 presidential primary.

“AOC is the personification of the future of the party, but the traditional Dems have always struggled to keep up, motivate, and inspire,” said Natalia Salgado, chief of civic engagement at the Center for Popular Democracy. “If they understood what they need to do to turn out our communities, they would have had AOC front and center.”

Biden’s convention has so far seemed more intent in reaching out to moderates and disillusioned Republicans rather than the left wing of the party that he defeated in the primary. It’s unclear whether Ocasio-Cortez would have spoken at all had Bernie Sanders not asked her to second his nomination.


Cheney: Sanders, AOC and Biden are advocating the quick sand of socialism Reply

This is interesting even if it’s pathetically tragic. The neocons have the Democratic Party under their control, which they can use to advance liberal imperialism on a general level through the wider set of institutions that comprise the global capitalist empire (UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank, WTO, G20, etc) while retaining control of the Republicans as the Likud, Wahhabi, Gulf State, petrodollar, and defense contractor wing of the US foreign policy establishment in order to ensure these interests get special recognition.

Trump has abandoned whatever maverick pretensions he ever had and has now become a full neocon puppet as well as evidenced by the FAUX News infomercial that constitutes his campaign.

Trump’s CRINGE Convention Plans Revealed, Abandons Populism Reply

Trump has embraced the FAUX News tactic of attacking everything as “socialism.” Ironically, while it’s fashionable among the chattering classes to compare Trump to Hitler, his supporters are more analogous to Communist voters in Weimar, i.e. traditional working-class folks hit hard economically by the aftermath of WWI and the Great Depression.

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Explains Biden Era Divide In Dem Party 1

Ellison’s comments remind me of what progressives were saying when Bill Clinton was elected in 1992: “We can work with this centrist guy to get all kinds of do-gooder stuff done.” Clinton ended up consolidating the neoliberal “Reagan Revolution,” expanded the Nixon-Reagan-Poppy Bush police state, continued Poppy’s war on Iraq, and paved the way for the neocons during the Bush era.

Let’s talk about the not so liberal Democratic National Convention…. Reply

As I have said before, we really have three political parties: the neocon/neoliberal party (with two factions, the Pelosi Democrats and McConnell Republicans), the Trumpist party (mostly Trump, his immediate circle of family and friends, and his general base of voters), and the social democratic party (the Bernie/AOC configuration that the Dem party establishment goes out of their way to marginalize).  FAUX News is really the propaganda arm of the McConnell Republicans who have to pretend to be Trumpists to keep their ratings up. But their puppet masters care only about three things: tax cuts for billionaires, profits for the defense and petroleum industry, and Likud’s and Saudi’s Arabia’s foreign policy agendas.

The most significant thing about the two campaigns is that they’re both going out of their way to avoid talking about any issues of substance.

Trump Isn’t the Worst President, But He is the Most American 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Donald Trump is the worst president in American History! That seems to be the downright unanimous opinion of every left wing wonk from here to Noam Chomsky, and I might have a bit more respect for the view if these throngs of progressive intellectuals weren’t so goddamn smug about it. After all I’ve never been particularly tame in my criticisms of the son of a bitch myself. His penchant for pure evil is pretty well documented. Any human being who fucks with children the way he has at the borders deserves things I can’t publicly advocate without being shipped off to Gitmo. As if that weren’t enough, his role in the ongoing genocide in Yemen, the ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, and the downright apocalyptic baiting of Iran and China should make it crystal clear to anyone with half a working soul that Donald Trump is a world class bastard in the first degree. But the worst president in American history? I don’t know, the Donald has some pretty stiff competition there.


2020 Dem platform: Radically transform the federal courts 2

I generally agree with Paul’s and Joseph’s argument that as soon as they get a comfortable enough electoral majority, the Democrats will likely move toward restructuring the electoral system in a way that will essentially allow them to maintain permanent victory, through methods like court-packing, increasing the size of the House and Senate, and expanding voting rights to constituents that are likely to vote Democratic (prisoners, convicted felons, non-citizens, minors, etc.). That’s doesn’t mean that formal democracy will be abolished in favor of a one-party dictatorship like North Korea. It just means the Democrats will try to maintain a permanent electoral upper hand like Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party had for 70 years in the 20th century.

Just as many liberals and leftists fear that Trump is an incipient fascist in the vein of Mussolini, many conservatives and rightists fear that the rising totalitarian humanist regime will be akin to either Communism, Latin American strongman regimes like those of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, the government of Robert Mugabe that came to power in the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1980, or post-apartheid South Africa, which experienced a massive economic decline, exploding crime rates, and a wave of hate crimes against Boers and Afrikaners.

I tend to think that fully consolidated totalitarian humanist rule in the US will be more like a hybrid of the European Union and Latin America, which essentially what California is today. The future USA will have Latin American-like class divisions, with the general set of policies that are found in the European Union which, to the detriment of conservatives, means more restrictions on free speech under the guise of combating “hate,” more gun control, a more pervasive “equality”-enforcing bureaucracy, a larger welfare state, and the expansion of the public administration state generally, although I disagree that the EU is inherently more statist than the US is at present, and even less so in some ways. The main difference will be that, unlike Europe or Latin America, the US ruling class has a massive military-industry complex under its control, which must constantly seek out new wars in order to justify its existence.

Fascism Expert: Don’t Expect Trump To Leave WH, If He Loses Reply

The problem with the perspective that is presented in this interview that it makes it sound like Trump is uniquely authoritarian compared to his predecessors. No one considers Eisenhower, whose administration organized a series of right-wing coups in other nations and whose immigration policies were far to the right of Trump, to have been a “fascist.” Paramilitary policing has been going on for decades, since the Nixon era. Unlike Trump, Poppy Bush actually deployed the military in response to the LA riots in 1992. Trump’s law and order rhetoric was “normal” until fairly recently (watch some old Bill Clinton speeches on fighting crime from the 1990s). ICE and CBP are no more “fascist” than the full range of federal alphabet soup agencies and not a few state and local police departments. Has this professor ever heard of the “war on drugs”?

It is fashionable in some circles to compare Trump with Eastern European or Asian authoritarians like Orban, Erdogan, or Putin without any kind of understanding of the differences between the political cultures of the US and those places, all of which have long traditions of autocratic rule. Hungary was a communist dictatorship 30 years ago, and had no liberal democratic tradition prior to the Stalinist era, having been Nazi allies in WW2 and historically under monarchist rule.

Erdogan is an Islamist, and while he has made moves toward the greater imposition of authoritarian rule in Turkey, the Turks have always been a conservative Islamic nation that has maintained secular government only because the military and deep state are secular, and has kept Islamism at bay. The conflicts between Erdogan and the Turkish deep state are somewhat similar to the conflicts between Trump and the US deep state, but with the big difference being that Trump is a far less competent political operator than Erdogan and with the Turkish deep state being in a much weaker position. For instance, Wikipedia notes concerning Erdogan that “starting with the anti-government protests in 2013, his government imposed growing censorship on the press and social media, restricting access to sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia.” With Trump, it’s just the opposite. Trump himself has been subject to Internet censorship, and Internet censorship has been imposed not by the state directly but by the tech oligarchs themselves who are very anti-Trump.


Joe Biden Accused Of “Enforcing Sharia Law” Reply

It is really is interesting how political polarization and culture-war politics have caused so many otherwise intelligent people to go completely off the deep end, whether Noam Chomsky from the Left or Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Right. What the hell is wrong with these folks? Biden’s neoliberal imperialism, whatever else could be said about it, is the polar opposition of Islamism. The main way Biden could be criticized regarding Islam is that he is likely to continue if not strengthen the US relationship with the Gulf States, not that he actually favors Islamic extremism.

Chomsky: Biden Furthest Left Candidate on Climate Ever Reply

This is just fucking sad. So Noam now agrees with Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson that Biden is some kind of revolutionary Marxist? After the Democrats have gone out of their way to marginalize any semi-radical elements in their party? Joe is so “progressive” he doesn’t even support legalizing marijuana. He’s the same drug warrior he was 30 years ago. Regrettably, Chomsky has become a true believer in the climate change cult in his old age. That’s the only thing I can think of what would explain this.