Category: Electoralism/Democratism

Supporting Bernie Sanders was a Mistake

This video examines the assumptions behind today’s reformist socialism and considers what today’s young socialists can do now that our Trump-era social-democratic/realist turn has failed. Along the way, read excerpts from the Aufhebunga Bunga book “The End of the End of History,” and “The Writing on the Wall” […]

Is There a Future for the American Middle Class?

This discussion between Michael Lind and Walter Russell Mead is a must-watch.  Among Lind’s observations: -The USA is actually becoming less racially polarized as more integration is taking place along socioeconomic, geographical, institutional, and even partisan lines. -More class polarization is taking place but the working class is […]

Trump Voters After Trump

The future of conservativism will likely be something comparable to #walkaway in the center and something more like Le Penism on the right. The big question is to what degree rank and file conservatives will reject their neocon/Reaganite overlords. By Andrew Bacevich, The American Conservative In the grand […]