How Suburbanites Have Remade The Democratic Party Reply

The Democrats are the party of the financial elites and tech-oligarchs, with the professional-managerial class and their primary constituents, and the Republicans of the part of old capitalism, with the with post-bourgeois proletariat (the dying working to middle classes) as their primary constituents. The kind of old-fashioned 19th/20th century model of class politics that this guy from the Jacobin is pushing is an anachronism. The modern “working class” is subdivided into many warring tribes that prefer their own tribal elites over proletarians from other tribes (like in World War One) and lacks the cultural homogeneity that made “class struggle in one country” possible during the eras of the industrial and managerial revolutions. Krystal has a lot of insight into certain things but it’s a shame she keeps clinging to the archaic electoralist-reformist-statist-welfarist model.

The Lonesome Death of the Liberal Social Justice Warrior 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Joseph Biden killed the liberal social justice warrior with a cane that he twirled around his diamond ring finger at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, and blue lives were called in to matter, and his weapon took from him, as they rode him in custody down towards the White House, and booked Joseph Biden for Democratic nominee for president of these United States of Hysteria. But you who philosophize, disgrace and criticize all fears, take the rag away from your face, now ain’t the time for your tears.

Yes, dearest motherfuckers, we stand here today to pay our respects to a pain in the ass. For with the nomination and all too likely election of one Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that once thriving moral upstart known as the white liberal social justice warrior is as good as dead, bleeding out from cane related injuries on the white marble floor of Eva Longoria’s palatial Beverley Hills mansion, murdered in an act of domestic violence by her own racist party for reasons as tragic as they were inevitable. Her memory and the rhetoric of her cause live on in the cruel minstrel shows of her killers as they dress up the same neoliberal policies in the clothing of a movement that was supposed to end them.


Twitter Silences Third Party Options Reply

The modern ruling class doesn’t bother with state-imposed censorship and instead farms it out to corporations, social media companies, and universities, which is why the First Amendment needs to be expanded to include all of these institutions.

It’s the same as when they don’t bother setting up a formal dictatorship. Instead, they just maintain a system of rule by organized bribery and oligarchic supremacy while maintaining formal democracy as a means of self-legitimization.

Marianne Williamson: Why I Spoke At People’s Party Convention Reply

I’m curious to see how these People’s Party advocates think they are going to get around the financial and legal limitations on upstart parties, or why they think their party is going to perform any better than other minor parties. The only way the People’s Party could become a competitive party would be to simply align itself with factions within the ruling class. I suspect that may be the goal.

As the late Michael Brooks pointed out, capitalism seems to be moving in multiple directions, including the Brazillian model which the US is presently moving toward, the technocratic model practiced in East Asia and which capitalist class figures like Michael Bloomberg tend to favor, and the Northern European social democratic model which US “progressives” who are heavily rooted in the professional-managerial class tend to favor. Notice that most of the key speakers at this event are “ideas industries” folks like journalists, academics, left-wing celebrities, etc. with one of the social democrats’ high priests, Cornell West, being the keynote speaker.

If this effort is successful, it would mean that we would have one party for old monied capitalism (e.g. the fossil fuels industry), one party for the rising financier and tech oligarchs (the Wall Street/Silicon Valley alliance), and one party for the left-wing of the professional-managerial class (academia, entertainment, journalism, etc.) which about amount to an insurgency by the “new class” within the wider managerial elite.