Is Trump Recreating The 2016 Magic All Over Again? Reply

The Trumpists seem to be realizing that abandoning their 2016 platform is a losing idea and now they’re trying to at least partially reclaim it. The Trumpists are in the unenviable position of having to pretend to be the party of hawkishness and non-intervention, domestic free enterprise and international trade protectionism, law and order and criminal justice reform, social conservatism and immigration restriction while embracing diversity, all at the same time.

The Craziest Moments From The RNC Reply

Arguably, one of the most underreported stories in US politics is how a group of former Communists were able to apply Leninist infiltration methods to colonize “movement conservatism,” and then the Republican Party itself, while building an alliance with arms merchants, corporate plutocrats, and Christian Zionists, with the effect of turning the American right-wing into a political arm of the Likud Party.  And now they’re effectively colonizing the Democratic Party in the same manner. This gives them the ability to maintain a complete political hegemony, while puppet mastering both ends of the culture war, and successfully deflecting “radicals” from both sides.

Jeff Flake, dozens of former GOP congressmen joining ‘Republicans for Biden’ 1

These guys are all likely doing what their various backers and associates want them to do. Once again, the neocon/neoliberal alliance aims to purge the Trumpists while co-opting, pacifying, and marginalizing the social democrats.

The emerging totalitarian humanist regime is going to be a coalition of woke capitalism and neocon imperialism with the social democrats and fringe right complaining from the sidelines.

By Zack Budryk

The Hill

Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent critic of President Trump’s, is endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden along with several other former Republican lawmakers.

The Biden campaign announced the endorsements, first reported by Fox News, on Monday morning. The list includes other former members of Congress who had previously announced their support for Biden, including former Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), who is now an independent, and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.). Other former lawmakers on the list include former Reps. Steve Bartlett (R-Texas), Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), Chris Shays (R-Conn.), Alan Steelman (R-Texas) and Jim Walsh (R-N.Y.).


Why The ‘Lesser Evil’ Is An Illusion Reply

The money quote: “Biden’s most progressive achievement will be having the most diverse, inclusive and intersectional cabinet of mass murderers ever assembled. 

By Caitlin Johnstone


There was a simultaneously hilarious and nightmare-inducing meme format that was popular not long ago called , in which the familiar Jim Davis comic is re-imagined as a Lovecraftian horror genre in which the titular cat often features as an eldritch demigod who is tormenting his owner Jon in some existentially terrifying way.


Kamala Harris Is No Ally to Transwomen 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

“I have never really understood exactly what a ‘liberal’ is, since I have heard ‘liberals’ express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject. As far as I can tell, you have the extreme right, who are fascist racist capitalist dogs like Ronald Reagan, who come right out and let you know where they’re coming from. And on the opposite end, you have the left, who are supposed to be committed to justice, equality, and human rights. And somewhere between those two points is the liberal. As far as I’m concerned, ‘liberal’ is the most meaningless word in the dictionary.”

-Assata Shakur
“It’s not progressive to be soft on crime”
-Kamala Harris


David Graeber on Trump: Racist, But Anti-Imperialist Reply

David Graeber, a leading left-anarchist academic, has an interesting take on Trump. Read the Twitter thread here.

He is a pure opportunist but sincere in two ways: 1.he is genuinely and sincerely racist; 2. He is genuinely and sincerely anti-imperialist at least in the US empire’s current form.

On Trump’s anti-imperialism:

I was thinking of writing about how Trump tried to dismantle the US empire and basically failed. He’s a fascist but the only good thing about him was he did want to dismantle the post-45 treasury-bond – treaty system – US bases nexus, he was unable to do so.

He tried all sorts of things, ranging from pulling US troops out of Korea & Afghanistan (his aides blocked him), undermining NATO, encouraging a move away from the dollar as US reserve currency, destaffing the State Dept… but it didn’t work, yeah.

We must learn to distinguish moral turpitude, violence, militarist tendencies, and “imperialism/empire” which is a specific shake-down structure of domination and extraction.

I think starting wars is different than imperialism. Minor powers start wars too. He’s trying to dismantle the institutional system that’s existed since the ’40s which guarantees the US a unique hegemonic role.


‘He has no principles. None,’ Trump’s sister, a retired federal judge, tells niece in recorded interview Reply

By Bill Sanderson

New York Daily News

Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry are posing for a picture: In conversations recorded by her niece in 2018 and 2019, Marianne Trump Barry — a now-retired federal judge — comes across as aghast at her brother’s behavior in the Oval Office. “He has no principles. None. None,” she said in excerpts of her conversations with Mary Trump published Saturday night in The Washington Post. © ED JONES
In conversations recorded by her niece in 2018 and 2019, Marianne Trump Barry — a now-retired federal judge — comes across as aghast at her brother’s behavior in the Oval Office. “He has no principles. None. None,” she said in excerpts of her conversations with Mary Trump published Saturday night in The Washington Post.
In conversations recorded by her niece in 2018 and 2019, Marianne Trump Barry — a now-retired federal judge — comes across as aghast at her brother’s behavior in the Oval Office.
“He has no principles. None. None,” she said in excerpts of her conversations with Mary Trump published Saturday night in The Washington Post. Barry, 83, was appalled at “what they’re doing with kids at the border” with Mexico.
As a federal appeal judge, Barry once rebuked an immigration judge for “bullying” an asylum seeker in his courtroom.She guessed President Trump “hasn’t read my immigration opinions.”“What has he read?” Mary Trump asks. “No. He doesn’t read,” Barry answered.

Noam Chomsky Says Trump is WORSE Than Hitler 2

The dumbass title of this video and Chomsky’s severe TDS notwithstanding, 95% of this interview is quite good, as it usually is with Noam. To debunk the “Trump=Hitler” hysteria, all you have to do is ask people, “If Trump and Hitler were the two major party candidates, who would you vote for?” The answer is obvious.  Chomsky would certainly pick Trump over Hitler. All this shit is just a mind game that most of these hysterics don’t really believe in their “heart of hearts.”

Voting: The God That Failed 1

By Stratton J. Davis

The Cotton Report

Maine has become the first and only state to use ranked-choice​ voting in this upcoming presidential election. This allows voters to vote for not just one presidential candidate but for multiple candidates, in the order they prefer them. This is very beneficial for third parties in America. ​“This is a tremendous opportunity to find out how many voters have secretly wanted to vote Libertarian, but have fallen for the ‘don’t waste your vote’ argument and voted for a Democrat or Republican instead,” said Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen.


Former SJW DEFECTS, Announces They Will Vote For Trump And Gives Reasoning Reply

Embracing Trumpism as an antidote to the SJW cult is a remarkably bad idea. It’s a minor-league version of the ex-Communists who became right-wing reactionaries in the mid-20th century (which is how we got the Buckleyites and the neocons). What we need is a Stirnerite/Nietzschean left (which is a broad enough concept to include anti-authoritarian sectors of the center and right)  in opposition to the Rousseauan/Hegelian left. Tim also embraces the standard “the economy has done well under Trump” line that is total nonsense. Trump has continued the neoliberal paradigm. His efforts to balance the trade deficit with China are peripherally a part of the wider class dynamics of the US economy because of sectors of the national security state that are concerned that the US has become overly dependent on China for military-related manufacturing.

The 100 Million Project: The Untold Story of American Non-Voters Reply

My People.

Knight Foundation

In 2016, nearly 100 million eligible Americans did not cast a vote for president, representing 43% of the eligible voting-age population. They represent a sizeable minority whose voice is not heard in our representative democracy. Most of our attention, in politics and in research, tends to fall almost exclusively on “likely” voters perceived to make the most difference in the outcome. As a result, relatively little is known about those with a history of non-voting. Yet their non-participation is a key feature of our democracy, and raises important questions about the basic health of a participatory society.


Did DNC Make A HUGE Mistake By Excluding Progressives, Tulsi Gabbard? Reply

It’s not a “mistake” in the sense that the Democraps are a ruling class party that wants to exclude or marginalize anyone with even a hint of interest in alternative positions. Even recycled McGovernite liberals like Tusli and AOC. Notice that Tulsi, the most anti-imperialist of any of the Democrats, is also the one party goes out of their way to marginalize, much more so than Sanders, AOC, Yang, or anyone.

Kamala, Obama, Hillary, And The No Good, Vapid, Identity Obsessed DNC 1

Krystal and Saager are great at critiquing the bankruptcy of the ruling class. It’s too bad all they offer in its place is lame Scandinavian social democracy or East Asian mercantilism. A program like this hosted by a serious left-anarchist (like David Graeber, Carne Ross, or Cindy Milstein) and a serious right-anarchist (like Tom Woods, Angela Keaton, or Antony Sammeroff) would be fantastic.