People’s Party Convention HIGHLIGHTS, Is This The Way Forward For The Left? Reply

An effort to bring the Scandinavian model of state-capitalism to America. The recently deceased Marxist YouTuber Michael Brooks argued that the global capitalist class seems to be experimenting with different political models, including conservative nationalism (Orban, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Salvini, Putin, Xi, Duterte, Trump), technocratic neoliberalism (the dominant model in most of Europe, East Asia, and North America), and the social-democratic model (Northern Europe). The Trumpists represent the nationalist model in the US, the Democrats the technocratic neoliberal model, and here comes the social democratic model. All I see in this is more managerial statism.

Will the Presidential Election Lead to Civil War? Reply

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

The way the Presidential election is shaping up, most of the big issues will not be openly stated. They include race, with the Republicans the White party and the Democrats the black and immigrant party; socialism, with the Democrats in favor and the Republicans against; and freedom of thought and expression, with President Trump not only an advocate but a practitioner as he says things deemed politically incorrect while the Democrats hope people do not notice what the Left is doing on college campuses, where students and professors who dissent from cultural Marxism do so at their peril. But behind these largely unstated issues lies another: the Democrats are the party of fear while the Republicans, and especially President Trump, are the party of anger.

It is obvious how the media, which are almost wholly in the Democrats’ camp, pump up the fear. The corona panic is exhibit A: most people have figured out it isn’t very dangerous unless you’re lying in a bed in a nursing home, while the media talks as if the Black Death were again upon us. The Left puts more and more restrictions on daily life, all justified by COVID-19, but they fail to see how they are thereby stoking public anger. The latest example is widespread cancellation of fall college and high school sports, including football. That might seem a small matter in the great scheme of things, but it is not to the thousands of players and millions of fans. Their anger will turn into many votes for President Trump, because he is the angry man’s candidate. Some of his votes will be black votes, because sports, especially football, are young black men’s road out of the ghetto.


Kanye West sues to get on Wisconsin ballot after being rejected Reply

Go, Kanye, go. This is exactly what we need. More and more unhinged lunatics coming out of the woodwork to make the system look as ridiculous as possible.

By Tal Axelrod

The Hill

Rapper Kanye West is suing the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to get his name on the presidential ballot in the state this fall.

West’s lawsuit, filed in Brown County, is asking the local court there to rule that his nominating papers were submitted on time and to ensure that he and his running mate, Michelle Tidwell, appear on the ballot in November.


Meet Brandon Straka, a gay former liberal encouraging others to #WalkAway from Democrats Reply

This #WalkAway thing is another dead end. The Left has accused #WalkAway of being a Russian front operation the same way McCarthyites used to claim everything on the Left was a Soviet front. It seems more likely that all of these “back and forth” groups are being encouraged by the power elite in order to keep any actual anti-System movements from developing. “You’re pissed at the SJWs? That’s cool. Just join this #WalkAway pro-Republican group.” “You’re a disillusioned neo-Nazi? No problem. Wanna buy some ‘social justice,’ kid?”

The unfortunate thing is that most of these people, whether Brandon Straka, Derek Black, etc. are probably sincere (not so sure about Heimbach, though). Regrettably, most of them seem to have never actually learned how “the System” actually works. We definitely need better political education. Antonio Gramsci was right. You have to win the war of ideas before you can win any other battles. Most of these fringe or subcultural political sects are the equivalent of African or Native American tribes that were too busy fighting each to put up a united resistance to the European colonial invaders, or the Greek cities that continued to fight with each other while they were being invaded by the Persians.

By Tim Fitzsimons
NBC News

Three months ago, Brandon Straka was a New York City hairstylist and aspiring actor with a small social media following. Now, he’s a frequent Fox News contributor with nearly 70,000 Twitter followers, whose posts have been shared by Donald Trump Jr. and Sarah Palin.

His ascent to conservative-media darling began on May 26, when Straka posted a now-viral video describing why he fled the Democratic party.

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal,” Straka says in the six-minute video, looking directly toward the camera. “For years now, I have watched as the left has devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded and, at times, blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”


‘Never Trumper’ Stuart Stevens, longtime GOP operative, says he would even vote for Bernie Sanders to beat Trump Reply

A George W. Bush loyalist says he prefers Bernie over Trump. Neocons and Antifa United Against the Orange Fuhrer!

By Suzanne Smalley

Yahoo News

Stuart Stevens has been a top strategist for Republican presidential candidates George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. His knack for advertising and media has helped conservatives like Haley Barbour, Thad Cochran, and Roy Blunt get elected. Stevens has been many things — a TV writer for Emmy-winning television programs, travel writer and media strategist — but he has always been an unapologetic Republican.

Donald Trump changed that.

“It’s just been a complete collapse,” Stevens told the Yahoo News Skullduggery podcast in reference to the Republican Party since Trump’s election. “The only thing I can compare it to is the collapse of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union.”

Stevens said he is registering as a Democrat in this election, abandoning the party he has worked for throughout his professional life. He said he hopes to expand upon his work designing ads for the Republican “Never Trumpers” at the Lincoln Project by working for the Democrats in the future because he believes “the big questions that affect us as a country are going to be decided in the Democratic Party.”


Cornel West On Whether The Left Should Stick With Dem Party Or Make A Clean BREAK Reply

I would like to see a party of this type emerge. It would probably be a total SJW shitshow, and I wouldn’t vote for it. But it would still be interesting/entertaining. I definitely appreciate West’s admission that an anti-Trumpist axis ranging from Maoists to neocons has emerged in the name of “anti-fascism,” which shows not so much that Trump is an actual fascist as much as what absurd cosplaying nonsense American political culture actually is.

RNC Tries To Slap Working Class Faces On Corporate Agenda Reply

But is the “post-bourgeois proletariat” (Sam Francis) stupid enough to fall for it? That’s the question. Krystal and Saager are unique among the journalistic class in the sense of actually being competent and truthful. Most mainstream media is neither. It’s a shame their politics are such lame reformist-statist “populism.”

Is the Presidential Election Foreshadowing a Civil War? 1

I don’t personally care who wins the upcoming election. I can see strategic advantages to victory by either side. But I strongly suspect that regardless of who wins the losing side will accuse the winning side of cheating.

A reader writes:

“…if [the Trumpists] are able to successfully retain those voters who prioritize economic issues (and are able to convince enough of them that Trump didn’t, in fact, betray them), and that plays out where they need it to electorally (just like in 2016 with the rust belt states), then that may eke out the win for them.


Why The Democrats “Big Tent Party” Obsession Is A Ruse Reply

The Democraps: A coalition of liberals, social democrats, neocons, Republicans, identitarians, and assorted dupes in the defense of the ruling class.

Martin Wolf, a former World Bank economist, said this a few years ago:

“Liberals, social democrats, and moderate conservatives are on the same side in the great battles against religious fanatics, obscurantists, extreme environmentalists, fascists, Marxists and, of course, contemporary anti-globalizers.”

In other words, the “First World” ruling class and its allies and puppets (the Atlanticist-Zionist-Wahhabi axis) versus the rest of the world.

The Democraps are essentially becoming the party of the top layer of the global ruling class for whom the Republitards merely serve as the bad cop: “Hey, at least we’re not THEM!”

Kulinksi wants the Democraps to be something that they are obviously never going to be.

Praising police, Mike Pence at RNC says ‘you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America’ Reply

If only it were true. The way the Republitards portray the ultra-corporatist, ultra-imperialist, ultra-police statist Democrats as a collection of anarchists and revolutionary Marxists is hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is that there are dumbasses who actually take this shit seriously.

By Laura Egan

NBC News

WASHINGTON — Driving President Donald Trump’s “law and order” message, on the third night of the Republican convention Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence praised law enforcement against the backdrop of protests sparked by a police officer shooting a Black man in Wisconsin.


The Emerging One Party State Plus the Know-Nothings as the Token Opposition? Reply

A reader offers the following observations:

I guess the writing has been on the wall for a while now, but it’s still somewhat surreal to watch the GOP under Trump formally and officially double-down on Know-Nothingism and stupid culture-war social conservatism / law-and-orderism. To me, it appears that while, yes — the elites are hedging their bets in terms of wanting to retain control of the Trumpists in case they do win again (especially re: foreign policy, as you’ve noted) — by and large the long term plan is to let them rot at the kiddie table they’ll soon be relegated to politically (just as they have been culturally more and more as time has gone on).

Meanwhile, the right-leaning neolibs have begun their exodus from the Repubs and are heading to the Dems, cramming right-neolibs, left-neolibs, and the progressives together into one party, at least for the time being.

I also suspect that (despite the hopes of the MAGA crowd) the vast majority of people who are convinced by Trump’s law-and-order posturing (“they’re coming to burn down your cities, destroy your suburbs!”) are people who would have voted for him anyway, and that on the net he’s lost voters, largely those upset by his handling of the coronavirus situation. And with regards to the segment of voters fleeing the Dems to vote for Trump in reaction to the rise of Woke-ism, I’m skeptical that that group is large enough to matter, and I think it’s more likely that most people who feel that way strongly enough will probably just become disengaged from politics, or hang onto the Democratic Party. I could be wrong, though.