American Decline

Augustus Invictus’ Letter to the People of Europe

Here’s the transcript.

To the People of Europe,
Fate lays upon me the task of writing you from distant shores. My name is Augustus Invictus, and I am a candidate for the United States Senate. Though I am an American, I am by blood a son of Europe. My ancestry is British, my name Roman, my religion pan-European. I am trained in Anglo-American law, educated in continental philosophy and politics, steeped in Western aesthetic. Though Florida may be a great distance from my ancestral land of Scotland, I am in blood and in soul your brother.
And though I am an American politician, the issues I raise in my campaign for the Senate here affect every man, woman, and child of the West. I write to you today not to condescend or to advertise my American arrogance, but to call for the unity of all Westerners against the powers that would destroy our people.
From New Zealand & Australia to the United States & Canada, and even to South Africa, we share a common civilization, born of Europe. This is impolitic to say in any country, and it is now evidence of “hate speech” in several. We must ask ourselves why the self-described elites in our respective countries would keep us divided, why they would insist that we have no common culture, why they would insist that we take literally countless immigrants into countries callously neglecting their rightful sons and daughters.
I hope that we may come to see each other as fellows. I pray that we may come to cherish what we share more than we might lament the differences between us. Though we have warred, though we have viewed each other with great suspicion, these misfortunes are, I hope, passed. We share a common bond that the millions of immigrants recently recruited to our ancestral land will never share. We, as Westerners, are brothers, though long-separated; they are foreigners being imported by your own governments to destroy the proud heritage and people of Europe.
Your officials have betrayed you.

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  1. I find this guy interesting, but I find it really hard to take someone seriously who puts on such an affected accent in his speeches and sounds completely different in interviews, like the one with Robert Stark.

    • I doubt he’s that much of a white nationalist. He has a mixed race family, and his campaign platform is basically just a moderate libertarianism. The war on drugs is his main issue.

        • Yeah, I know. “People of Europe-North America-Australia-South Africa!!”

          But his actual campaign position on immigration is pretty conventionally liberal-libertarian:

          One or the other may be a ruse, though he doesn’t seem like someone that holds back for the sake of avoiding controversy. It would be hilarious to watch him give one of his fire and brimstone speeches from the floor of the Senate.

          I’ve thought before about what the ideal public spokesperson for “pan-secession” in the U.S. would be, i.e. someone whose position is merely to advocate dissolving the state into a Nozick-like “utopia of utopias” where anyone can be whatever kind of anarchist or related philosophy they wish, any preferred economic system they wish, any identity issues they wish, or any position on their favorite social issue they wish.

          It wouldn’t be me: “Ewww..white guy from Virginia with a southern accent…and look who his friends are!”

          I think such a person would probably have to come from the Left, and never have had any association with the Right. It would have to be the equivalent of Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman coming out in favor of the ARV-ATS position, or if not someone already well-known, then someone who was preferably a minority, or a woman, or gay, etc.

          The ideal public leader of pan-secessionism would probably need to be someone like Kshama Sawant:

          • If someone like Sawant, a leftist-socialist minority woman, came out and endorsed our position, the swazi-wavers would start their usual “She’s not white!” drivel and the Spencer Sunshine leftoids would go into their usual “Fascism! Fascism!” histrionics, but neither group would have any credibility, and everyone else would have to take notice.

            I think that’s really the key to advancing our own position to the next level, i.e. turning folks with solid leftist credentials. Notice I rarely argue with anyone from the Right. That’s because I don’t think the Right is particularly important. I save most of my polemical bloodshed for the Left because I really see ATS as the “left of the Left,” i.e. an anarchist insurgency against progressivism, Leninism, and totalitarian humanism.

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