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Inclusion-exclusion dynamics related to medical professional within Spanish anarcho-syndicalism in the first third of the 20 th century

By Jorge Molero-Mesa and Isabel Jiménez Lucena The aim of this paper is to analyze the dynamics within Spanish anarcho-syndicalism between manual workers and medical professionals who shared the anarchist ideology. The incorporation of technicians into the labour movement was a common feature in the Western world; however, […]

The Cult of the Vaccine

By Matt Taibbi “The jab” is just the latest story to be reported as mantra Yesterday, I ran a story that had nothing to do with vaccines, about the seeming delay of the development of a drug called molnupiravir (see the above segment with the gracious hosts of […]

Codevilla, Courage, and COVID

By K. Lloyd Billingsley Independent Institute Angelo M. Codevilla, a man of “remarkable intellect and insights,” passed away this month after a long and productive career. In his response to the pandemic, Codevilla might have saved the best for last. Born in Voghera, Italy, in 1943, Codevilla earned degrees at […]