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David Goodhart On Overvaluing Smarts

By Andrew Sullivan, Weekly Dish The British writer talks about the moral tensions of the modern economy. David Goodhart is a British journalist. In 1995 he founded Prospect, the center-left political magazine, where he served as editor for 15 years, and then became the director of Demos, the […]

A public university in Ohio will pay a professor $400,000 after disciplining him for refusing to use a transgender student’s pronouns

By Amir Vera, Jenn Selva and Claudia Dominguez, CNN (CNN)A public university in southern Ohio has agreed to pay a professor $400,000 after it disciplined him four years ago for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns, according to Shawnee State University and a news release from […]

The End of Progressive Intellectual Life

By Michael Lind, Tablet How the foundation-NGO complex quashed innovative thinking and open debate, first on the American right and now on the center-left. I have never liked the term “public intellectual,” but like its 19th-century predecessor, “publicist,” it describes a social type that plays a useful role […]