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Cancel culture comes to Georgetown Law

By Damon Linker The Week Warnings about the rise of “cancel culture” may sometimes be overblown. But the case of Ilya Shapiro, a libertarian expert in constitutional law placed on “administrative leave” from Georgetown University’s law school, is an especially egregious example of the trend — and runs […]

The Great Faculty Disengagement

By Kevin R. McClure and Alisa Hicklin Fryar Chronicle of Higher Education As many observers have pointed out, the “Great Resignation” doesn’t perfectly capture what’s happening in the U.S. labor market. Data suggest many people, especially those with jobs in fields like hospitality, aren’t quitting the work force but […]

Columbia University Has Lost Its Way

It’s interesting how universities have become predatory capitalist corporations in terms of their business model, but Stalinist/fascist/fundamentalist regimes in terms of ideological conformity. By Katherine Frank, The Nation The Ivy League institution’s approach to the contract negotiations with its grad student workers reveals how it has evolved into […]