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Halal & Hypocrisy XIII: Remove Kebab?

  New from the Inferno: A tyrannical tale of kebabs and killjoys. The south of France, and one man finds himself deeply disenchanted by the culinary delights on offer in his locale. So much so, in fact, that he took to the press, voicing his determination never to […]

The University is the New Church

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Random Meanderings Academic Composition In the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes repeatedly expressed concerns that the Church and the University had the potential to undermine the sovereign’s authority. When I first read that passage as a naive college student, I saw no reason to challenge Hobbes’ position regarding […]

Tyranny of the Weak

By Aleksey Bashtavenko “There is no progress in human history. Democracy is a fraud. Human nature is primitive, emotional, unyielding. The smarter, abler, stronger, and shrewder take the lion’s share. The weak starve, lest society become degenerate: One can compare the social body to the human body, which […]

Why the American System of Education is Fraudulent

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Academic Composition John Dewey famously argued that an educated populace is the backbone of a Democratic society. The school of thought he espoused has been known as “progressive education” which promoted egalitarianism, intellectual creativity and above all, a pro-Democratic mentality. Dewey stood fiercely opposed to […]

Attacking Diversity of Thought

By Jonah Goldberg Real Clear Politics Cancel the philosophy courses, people. Oh, and we’re going to be shuttering the political science, religion, and pre-law departments too. We’ll keep some of the English and history folks on for a while longer, but they should probably keep their résumés handy. […]

Anarchism and Spirituality

Attack the System Anarchism and Spirituality: An Interview with Jay Cypher February 22, 2014 Keith Preston interviews Jay Cypher, anarchist anthropologist and scholar of the relationship between spirituality, religion, and social movements. Topics include: Topics include: Her recent lecture “Anarchy and Spiritual Practice.” Libertarian tendencies within various religious […]

What is the Workshop?

by Rachel Haywire

The Cathedral is the new matrix. Anyone familiar with Mencius Moldbug is familiar with this fact. We are trapped, ideologically, by the academic institutions that tell us how to think. We are pressured, socially, to associate ourselves with meaningless causes that give us status points. Holding the most socially progressive viewpoint in the room is a valuable commodity here in the

Ban Schools, Not Guns

From Takimag. ____________ by Kathy Shaidle I blame the Burning Schoolhouse. Canadians are perversely proud that our most popular backyard firework is unavailable in the United States. More like a science-fair volcano than a proper pyrotechnic, the homely Burning Schoolhouse merely spews a two-foot flame that lasts half […]

Paul Gottfried’s Calm Despair

By John Derbyshire Gottfried, Paul. War and Democracy: Selected Essays 1975-2012. London; Arktos Media, Ltd., 2012. The last time I saw Paul Gottfried was at the Mencken Club bash last November. At one point between lectures I passed him in a hallway having an animated conversation in French […]