Guess who’s teaching at Harvard now

By Tom Woods

My central contention to my subscribers over the past three years has been: you are not crazy.

I understand why you might be tempted to think you are. Every official source, along with your next-door neighbors, your co-workers, even your own family members, together insist on X, but you feel sure the truth is not-X.

But can all those people really be wrong? Many of you wondered that.

And you discovered: the answer is yes. Yes, they can.

Here’s another item from the They’re-Trying-to-Drive-You-Crazy-on-Purpose file.

Remember Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago mayor who was so unpopular that she couldn’t even get re-elected in deep blue Chicago?

She’ll be teaching at Harvard later this year.

Oh, and what subject will she be teaching?

If it were how to control crime, I would admit that that would be the most Orwellian possible topic. It’s not that, though.

How about the second-most ridiculous topic for her to cover?

Well, here it is: she’ll be teaching “Health Policy and Leadership.”

That’s right: the woman whose approach to Covid was to enforce the same useless voodoo the rest of the political class pushed on its people will be teaching a course on health policy and leadership.

Leadership in 2023 evidently means implementing the same pointless idiocy as everyone else.

And yet she winds up with a position at Harvard.

This episode reminds us: there is a network of people and institutions that despise you but support each other. Wreck a city and get booted out? Don’t worry: a sinecure awaits you at Harvard.

In response to that, what choice do we have other than — if only in self-defense! — build our own institutions and our own networks?

I have a friend I’ve interviewed on the Tom Woods Show who’s built MoviesPlus, a Netflix alternative — one that will air the documentaries nobody else will touch, along with original programming that isn’t designed to get your kids to hate you.

Thus for instance they have the excellent documentary Hoaxed, which examines “fake news” and “misinformation” and who the real perpetrators are. Then, too, when Jason Rink released a docuseries about Jacob Chansley, the Q Shaman from January 6, it was banned everywhere even though it was nothing but a profile of a guy. MoviesPlus featured it.

Let’s support people trying to assemble the building blocks of a new world.

Cody (the founder) was grateful to have the chance to tell his story on the Tom Woods Show, so in return he’s giving my readers 20% off an annual subscription with code WOODS:

Tom Woods

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