An Ohio school district switches to a 4-day school week to reduce burnout for teachers


Michigan family welcomes the first baby girl born on the dad’s side of the family since 1885

There are obviously families where all of the children are the same sex, no matter how many times they tried to get the opposite. It’s probably how the labels “boy mom” and “girl mom” came about. But one family in Michigan took the “boy mom” label to a different level because, for multiple generations, no one gave birth to a girl.

It sounds completely made up. So made up, in fact, that when Andrew Clark told his then-girlfriend Carolyn that his family didn’t have any girls, she didn’t believe him, even going as far as to confirm this story with his parents.

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An Ohio school district switches to a 4-day school week to reduce burnout for teachers

Many companies have now implemented a 4-day work week. Now even schools are considering it. A superintendent in Ohio is ready to see it through, but his concern is not just the kid’s burnout. He is also concerned about the teachers. “You walk through the buildings and you can just see it in our eyes how tired they are,” Blalock, who oversees North College Hill City School District, told TODAY‘s, Jenna Bush Hager.

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Ethical fashion brand Passion Lilie is making a difference, one garment at a time

People often perceive Fashion as an industry that prioritizes profit over people. But Passion Lilie is challenging this notion. It’s an ethical fashion brand committed to creating beautiful and sustainable garments through ethical fashion. They create affordable, high-quality clothing using sustainable and eco-friendly methods with a focus on fair trade practices and artisanal techniques.

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Children’s book author shares his secret trick to getting kids to smile in photos

Taking photos of your child can be frustrating. They need to do everything that kids don’t like to do: sit still, pay attention and look directly at the camera. It’s also tough to get a natural smile. When many kids take photos, they twist their faces into a grimace like Matthew Perry on “Friends.”

That’s why nearly 300,000 people liked a Tweet from children’s author Adam Perry. He shared side-by-side photos of his 5-year-old son to show how his smile improved dramatically after he said the magic word—and it isn’t cheese.

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Pediatrician’s unfeigned ode to the ’empathy’ of 8-year-old girls is oh so heartwarming

Saying that little girls are made of “sugar, spice and everything nice” might not be something one would readily do today, as many feel it projects outdated, sexist limitations onto children. But still, maybe there’s something in the spirit of the phrase that still rings true. There’s this tender couple of years, during the early stages but before true adolescence, where young girls kind of have the best of both worlds, where emotional maturity meets an unencumbered enthusiasm. There was a whole slew of 90s movies dedicated to girls at the magical age, for crying out loud. Remember “Matilda?” “A Little Princess?” “Madeline?”

It is this “sweet spot” that pediatrician and dad of seven Dr. Michael Milobsky has interacted with time and time again, bringing him to the conclusion that, by far, girls around 8 years old are the “highest form of humanity.”

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