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Food, Glorious Food!

New York Review of Books Sponsored by Riverhead “It is through the chicken that most American cooks acquaint themselves with the techniques of butchery,” writes Daniel M. Lavery in the Review’s October 5 issue, “and often it is through the work of Jacques Pépin that the introduction is […]

Read this before you move

September 9, 2023 • with Diamond Naga Siu Welcome to the newly revamped Saturday edition, Insiders! I’m Diamond Naga Siu, and I’ll be sliding into your inbox every weekend. I moved to San Diego this year and am enjoying making new friends and exploring new places. But plenty […]

Hope for the future

If, 30 years ago, you told the founders of WIRED that the internet they were optimistic would change human society would, indeed, change our society—just not wholly in ways they would expect—they’d be shocked. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, we’re pleased to announce LiveWIRED, taking place […]

YC’s Demo Day decline

September 7, 2023 • 5 min read with Dan DeFrancesco Happy start to the NFL season to all those who celebrate! There’s something beautiful about knowing I’ve got plans for the next 23 Sundays in a row. (My wife might disagree.)   In today’s big story, a legendary […]

IPOs’ make-or-break moment

with Dan DeFrancesco Halfway to the weekend! Here’s a video of Mark Zuckerberg sparring with MMA fighters on a floating barge, proving that reality is always better than fiction. Speaking of fighting, the IPO market has been KO’d since 2022. But that could change with one company’s upcoming […]

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Rachel Haywire Sep 5, 2023 Is there a loneliness epidemic? Definitely. Did the lockdowns make everything worse? Absolutely. The people who orchestrated them need to be taken to trial, which is widespread knowledge. Yet there’s a misconception about how the loneliness epidemic exclusively afflicts men, primarily within the […]

Gen Z is out on college

with Dan DeFrancesco Hi, and welcome to the new-look version of Insider Today! Come in and get yourself acquainted. Just try not to break anything. I’m Dan DeFrancesco, your host for the next five minutes.   Hopefully, you had a relaxing holiday weekend and weren’t caught up in […]

Austin was overhyped

September 1, 2023 Happy Friday! Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart. The more you eat them… the longer you live! In today’s big story, we’re looking at tech workers who regret moving to Austin.   What’s on deck: Markets: Foreign investors are selling off Chinese stocks at […]

Airbnb hosts are fed up

August 22, 2023 Hiya! It might sound like a bad joke — or a case of cold feet — but a groom-to-be’s dog ate his passport two weeks before his wedding in Italy. Speaking of traveling, some Airbnb and Vrbo hosts have had enough. More in today’s big […]

When Waiters Wore Red Jackets

From 1966 until 2020, when it closed for good, Spain Bar and Restaurant was a fixture in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Today on NYR Online, Sam Fentress writes about Spain’s appeal, the history of the townhouse on West 13th Street that was its only home for fifty-four years, and the […]

The Decadent Life of the Mind

Sponsored by Classical Pursuits Sinead O’Connor, who passed away on July 26, was only twenty-three when she released her second, seminal album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, but she “had by then lived a lifetime and would go on to live several more,” writes the philosopher […]

Chaos in the Hamptons

August 13, 2023 Hi, I’m Matt Turner, the editor in chief of business at Insider. Welcome back to Insider Today’s Sunday edition, a roundup of some of our top stories. On the agenda today: The genius plan that could bring down skyrocketing home prices. Goldman Sachs is having […]

Morning routine rundown

August 12, 2023 Hey there, Insiders! Be careful of what you eat while traveling. A United passenger was almost put on the no-fly list after eating a first-class meal in economy plus. Yikes.   Before flying off into the weekend, what’s your morning routine? That’s the focus of today’s […]

Offline is the New Online

Rachel Haywire Aug 1, 2023 Who is going to be online in 2027? Less than 15% of the population. Remember the early days of the internet, when it served as a secret corner for all sorts of freaks and outsiders with niche interests to unite? People from small […]