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Personality Types And Religion

By Personality Hacker In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about personality types and religion and unpack which personalities are more likely to leave or stay with religion. In this podcast you’ll find: What’s the relationship between personality types and joining religious movements? Are there some that aren’t […]

The New Omnivores

The Signal Why are so many food companies offering new alternatives to meat? Nina Gheihman on the mainstreaming of veganism. McDonald’s is expanding U.S. market testing on a new plant-based burger co-developed with Beyond Meat, one of the companies that have made good business selling meat alternatives in recent […]

The Grim Secret of Nordic Happiness

By Jukka Savolainen, Slate It’s not hygge, the welfare state, or drinking. It’s reasonable expectations. Is hygge still a thing? The Danish concept of comfortable conviviality and all things cozy is supposed to capture the essence of Danish culture and has been marketed as the secret for happy […]