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‘The Holy War Against One Pro-Abortion-Rights Professor’

— Catherine Thompson, senior editor, the Cut

Notre Dame sociology professor Tamara Kay is both Catholic and an abortion-rights supporter. This stance wasn’t an issue until the Supreme Court overturned Roe last year; a trickle of vicious messages in response to Kay’s writing about abortion became a flood when a conservative student publication took a sign hung on her office door that offered “help and information on ALL Healthcare issues and access — confidentially with care and compassion” out of context, drawing the attention of Fox News and Breitbart. Kay spoke with the Cut’s Andrea González-Ramírez about the threats and harassment she’s endured, both within the Notre Dame community and outside it, and about her struggle to get the school to take adequate safety measures to curb the abuse. “I’m not a victim,” she told Andrea. “I’m an expert who has the ability to write about an issue that is incredibly important. All I’m trying to do is do my job.”
The Holy War Against One Pro-Abortion-Rights Professor Tamara Kay has endured a vicious harassment campaign that she says Notre Dame won’t help curb.
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