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Europe’s death rattle, Part II

By John Waters Mass migration is not, as it seems, an organic emanation of humanity from poor countries, but a calculated project to repopulate the territory of the declining West, with racism its chief instrument. Though, in his remarkable book, The Scramble for Europe, Stephen Smith tends to soft-focus […]

The Sinister Symmetry Of CRT And GRT

By Andrew Sullivan, Weekly Dish The extremes of right and left on immigration are fueling each other. The MSM rushed last weekend to explain the previously obscure conspiracy theory that motivated a mass-murderer on a shooting spree in a black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. We didn’t get […]

What Great Replacement? Oh, That One!

Rapid demographic, cultural, generational, economic, political, and technological change morally has the effect of generating anomie and violence. Social scientists since at least Durkheim if not Comte have recognized this. By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness Americans have every right to be steamed over the cynical use of de […]

Immigration Attitudes and Conspiratorial Thinkers: A Study Issued on the 10th Anniversary of The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research

Associated Press Although most Americans say diversity makes the U.S. stronger, one in three believe immigrants are being brought to the country for political gains. After years of heated rhetoric around immigration and its impacts, new data from an AP-NORC poll reveals that two-thirds of Americans feel the […]

Aborting Trumpism

A return of the abortion wars of the 80s and 90s would really heat up the already intense “culture war.” By David Cole, Taki’s Magazine Sometimes you wish that a certain group of people were never taught a certain phrase. In 1997, when O.J. Simpson ran afoul of […]