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The case for Enclave-based Immigration over Nationalism

Rethinking immigration in the context of Post-Americanism

Sep 21, 2023

The recent migrant surge is historically unprecedented, as far as the sheer numbers of migrants the Biden admin has welcomed. This encouragement of mass migration and total negligence of border control, lends some credence to a sinister agenda to permanently alter America’s demographic composition for political gain. While Replacement Theory is legit, it is not necessarily some secretive conspiracy but rather an assortment of various special interests, including partisan Democrats, corporations seeking to depress wages, and various ideologically motivated NGOs.

Besides demographic replacement, mass immigration dilutes native-born American political clout, increases income inequality, and strains environmental resources. Regardless, immigration restriction now seems futile, other than brining attention to the crisis.  For instance, Trump only modestly slowed down immigration, while simoulstenely radicalizing the opposition for open borders. While Texas Governor, Greg Abbot’s, bussing of migrants to liberal cities immensely harms the quality of life for these cities’ residents, it is not stemming the overall demographic tide, rather it amounts to “owning the libs.”

The problem is not so much the logistics of controlling immigration, as a well-defined nation with the political will can control its borders. Rather it is because America is an inward facing multi-ethnic empire or economic zone comparable to the EU, made up of many de-facto nations, defined by cultural and ethnic demographic blocks. Besides ethnic balkanization, Red vs. Blue regions are beginning to function as separate nations, viewing each other as foreigners rather than fellow Americans. Thus immigration control is basically defending the periphery of the Empire. The more America is transformed demographically, the less significance the border has. For instance, Houston, Texas is now much less European demographically than parts of Mexico.

The Nationalist Right, who has little to no institutional power, naïvely look to border control, as the main way to exert sovereignty. The three main forms of sovereignty are nation states/borders, demographic blocks (eg. enclaves), and property ownership/rights. State-based nationalism has a role in protecting the other two, but can be a distraction, especially considering that the regime is hostile and has neglected all its duties to sovereignty and American citizens. Even E-Verify proposals to crackdown on illegal immigration, could grant the State more power to persecute political dissidents, while still displacing American workers via legalized immigration.


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