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Escaping COVID1984 in México

  Jonny Hodl: Escaping COVID1984 in México Jonny Hodl discusses his escape from COVID1984 to México and how with the Great Reset all bets are off and there’s no telling what sort of tyranny tomorrow may bring. We discuss the deteriorating economic situation, Bitcoin, the cashless society, México, […]

DeSantis INVESTIGATES Big Pharma, Trump Unveils NFT’s, Elon’s Twitter Bans Political Commentators

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The Emperor Wears No Scrubs!

By Antony Sammeroff I’m sure you’ve heard as much as I have about the wonders of modern medicine, and how we are all living longer, happier and healthier lives as a result of it. After all, our ancestors were plagued by diseases like polio, tuberculosis, whooping cough, rickets, […]