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America’s Future is in Hawaii

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative I have seen America’s future. It looks a lot like Hawaii. The future includes internal travel restrictions—on Americans moving around inside their own country—never before thought possible, or even constitutional. Hawaii, an American state, had to decide if they accepted American […]

Pandemic Responses and the Risk of Dictatorship

TELOS Press On The Agenda with Steve Paikin, the discussion about governmental responses to the COVID-19 pandemic turned to Thomas Brussig’s recent editorial “Risk More Dictatorship,” originally published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and translated into English in TelosScope. Listen to the discussion below (beginning at 15:01), and read […]

Left Against Lockdown

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley People often ask me why I continue to insist on identifying with the far-left considering my growing rash of beefs with the movement and my increasingly contrarian tendencies, and its not a bad question. I find myself asking […]

The Therapeutic State

Any critique of modern states must necessarily include a critique of scientism and the therapeutic state, both of which are essential elements of the ideological superstructure of modern ruling classes, with physicians, “mental health experts,” and scientists being primary sectors of the modern priesthood. Thomas Szasz nailed this […]

How to Fight Totalitarian Humanism

James Lindsay outlines the intellectual trajectory of totalitarian humanism, political correctness, wokeness, cultural Marxism, whatever one wants to call it, pretty thoroughly in this, although I would add more emphasis on 19th century Progressive Christianity and Maoism during the Cultural Revolution period than what he mentions. He focuses […]

As It Should Be…

I first started developing the ideas that I would later come to call “pan-secessionism in the mid-1990s after notice the emergence of the “right-wing” antigovernment movement associated with the militias, sovereign citizens, tax protestors, and other similar groups. Of course, much of the left and certainly liberal opinion […]

Why Does the Left Favor Lockdowns?

Tom Woods interviews Thaddeus Russell on left-wing support for scientistic therapeutic totalitarianism. Listen here. ————————————————— It’s been quite remarkable to me the extent to which the lockdowns have divided people along ideological lines. A left-wing case against lockdown seems so easy to make and so obvious, and yet […]

The Conspiracy Theorists Are Winning

The problem with David’s analysis in this is that he seems fairly subjective and one-dimensional in his criticisms of “conspiracy theories.” The fact that the last three years of cable news (excluding FOX) was devoted to Russiagate hysteria shows that liberals and the Left are just as prone […]