Kick the Puppy

Kick the Puppy S2: E9

Poll finds half of Republican men say they will not get COVID-19 vaccine, Trump took the vaccine, anti-vax friends, why blacks are hostile to vaccinations, driving to Salem for a vaccination, Obama phones, do drug dealers have COVID vaccines on deck? AZT and aids, Israel’s autonomous ‘robo-snipers’ and suicide drones raise ethical dilemma, obesity and accessibility, homicidal Zionist state is a guaranteed export market for American merchants of death, the IED as the first killer robot, Israeli shoot to cripple policy, American shoot to kill policy, Norman Finkelstein, West Bank and the Warsaw Ghetto, Spain discovers first narco-submarine, your face is not your own, what happens when our faces are tracked everywhere we go, Obama Deep Fake, old fashioned surveillance VS dragnet surveillance, the cell phone, the church of technology, most people think cancel culture is bad, the Hidden Tribes study, the 80/20 rule stands, a minority of loud progressives are leading cancel culture, the ideas industries, MSNBC and CNN is falling apart, political entertainment, Trump is good for ratings, Biden hasn’t had a press conference since he’s been in office, Putin challenges Biden to debate after president calls him a ‘killer,’ Critics Choice Association expels Jeffrey Wells following posts about Atlanta shootings, Academy expels registered sex offender Adam Kimmel after variety investigation, fuck a celebrity, cancel culture should target snitches and chomos, Mission Creep: Exorcising the “Anti-Fascism” of Alexander Reid-Ross, who’s the creep? How the American ruling class buys off and pacifies potentially dangerous groups, Homeland Security Anarchists, Keith’s predictions on left anarchists – on point, well meaning but so naive, the Branch Davidians and the pro-ATF left, not that radical, bought the fuck off, America is the global one percent, the U.S. needs to fall apart, we live in a cloud, high tech feudalism, California and Proposition 13.

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  1. I’m stunned that R.J. and Emma are so trusting of an unapproved, experimental, Covid-19 vaccine put out by huge pharmaceutical corporations. They really sound like they’re totally ignorant of the experimental status, yet they’re pushing it on the listeners. I don’t think I’ll take the advice of a couple of lab rats.

    • You must not science bro. Everyone knows that people who don’t science don’t know science.

      We just need to make it more convenient for you to science, then you will science really good.

    • Left anarchists don’t like conspiracy facts because all the JFK investigations lead straight to Israeli Ferengis being behind the assassination, same with 9/11. Check out Michael Collins Piper’s excellent work on the subjects.

  2. I just can’t get enough of the Alexander Reid Ross revelation and what it means for anarchism in the US. He and associated antifa groups have been doing the work of COINTELPRO for years, whether they know it or not, and whether they were funded to do it or not. I’ve been telling any radical who would listen that the summer 2020 uprising was quickly turning into a street fight between anarcho-Democrats and Trump’s goons. Antifa (the real movement in the US, not the fake boogie man propped up by the right) has made sure to position anarchists to fight on behalf of the liberal, capitalist center.

  3. Speaking of American Loser Clubs!!! I’m not sure which is worst- old guys drooling over population control conspiracy theories – or old guys drooling over the fantasy that anarchy is anything more than a teenage fallacy (circa 1991)!!! Talk about a loser sub culture… I think you should all get off your computers, quit reading the conspiracy bullshit, go get laid, grow up, get a job, and start living in the real world with the rest of out here in reality…

    • Yes, live in the real world of locked-down Netflix and Amazon orders. The real world if double masking and stimulus checks until at least 2022. Real world normal.

    • Worse, not worst.

      A teenage fallacy is the erroneous belief that teenagers exist.

      Triple exclamation points should represent yelling at the top of one’s voice. Try this ahead of posting to gauge accuracy of intent.

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