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Kyle Kulinski, Krystal Ball and The RISE of the Anti-WOKE Left – A War Against ‘Identity Politics’

The Western Right-Wing have recently been non-stop complaining about ‘woke’, ‘cancel culture’ and ‘identity politics’ in their fight against the perceived Leftist surge that is undermining Conservative values. However, this isn’t relegated to the Right. Recently, elements of the Left have taken up the war against woke. Kyle Kulinski and Krystal Ball believe the left’s obsession with supposed identity politics is undermining the real fights all Americans need to be involved with such as universal healthcare.

To these class reductionists, most problems in American society – including bigotry, racism and sexism – can ultimately be solved through economic reforms – while the cultural changes are far less important. Of course, in my view, these people are wrong. As someone from a country with better social programs, workers rights and universal healthcare – I feel these things do little to solve societal prejudices.

In this video I go through and critique Kyle and Krystal’s content. .00:00:00 – Intro 00:04:17 – My one interaction with Kyle 00:05:29 – Kyle’s view on Identity Politics and how it distracts from the real issues 00:10:00 – My Criticisms of his views on Identity Politics 00:13:11 – Kyle, Krystal and Friends are wrong about cancel culture and woke politics 00:20:30 – Kyle is very very wrong about Racism 00:27:20 – Kyle and Krystal’s very bad takes on Trans Rights 00:37:32 – Closing Thoughts

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