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We Need To Talk About Tucker (w/ Maximillian Alvarez, Q. Anthony Omene, & Trevor Beaulieu)

Last week, the New York Times published a 20,000 word deep dive into Fox news host Tucker Carlson and the political views he espouses to the biggest audience on cable news. Now, in the wake of a mass shooting event in Buffalo allegedly inspired by his ideology, Carlson is coming under even greater scrutiny. Recorded prior to the tragic shooting events, this episode explores how Tucker has achieved such popularity, how liberals have failed to respond effectively, and whether the left is negligent in largely ignoring the Tucker phenomenon.

How does one push back against “replacement theory,” the American Exceptionalism that wrapped up in the guise of “anti CRT” advocacy, and a narrative that anticipates accusations of racism and uses them to argue that Tucker Carlson is the real victim? Is it enough to refocus the conversation on class issues and point out that the right is doing faux populism? Does avoiding the culture wars mean throwing minority groups like Trans Americans under the bus? Briahna Joy Gray hosts a thoughtful panel comprised of Maximillian Alvarez, Trevor Beaulieu, & Q Anthony Omene to discuss.

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