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The Jews Are Ye’s Misfortune

By David Cole, Taki’s

Kanye West’s Jew-obsessed meltdown offers many potential angles for analysis.

I could start with the “why do you still trust Tucker?” angle. Carlson prefaced his now-infamous Kanye interview with an assurance to you, the viewer, that even though Kanye’s detractors claim the man’s mentally ill, he isn’t: “Is he crazy? No, he’s not. He’s not crazy at all.” That’s a direct quote. Yet Tuck knew when he uttered those words that he’d had to edit out footage in which Kanye clearly displayed mental instability (ranting about impostor children kidnapping his kids, Louis Vuitton assassinating black people, a divinely inspired plan to build “free kinetic energy cities,” and blacks being the real Jews, which is why Margaret Sanger wanted to exterminate them on behalf of the KKK).

Tuck must’ve known that the excised footage would eventually leak (even he can’t be so stupid as to think that in 2022 you can bury embarrassing video), but he also knew it wouldn’t affect your opinion of him when you learned he misled you.

“In his fevered, dissociated way, Kanye broached the topic of Jewish overrepresentation in managerial and ownership positions in music and sports.”

I could take that angle, but I’m always ragging on Tuck; I’ll give it a rest this week.

Another possible angle is the fanboying by conservatives about how Kanye is “on their side,” and how it lays bare the hypocrisy of these imbeciles who, behind all their mockery of pompous, ignorant Hollywood celebrities, are in fact deep-green envious that Democrats get to hang with showbiz superstars. The average conservative would slobber over Alec Baldwin in a heartbeat if he were “on their side.”

But you guys don’t need another lecture from me about Hollywood conservatives. At least not at the moment (because I’m never gonna stop picking that scab).


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