A Message To A Conquered People

What does Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister actually mean for the British People?

When Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister of the United Kingdon social-media lit-up with liberals and immigrants celebrating triumphantly, particularly Indians. The phrase ‘‘just as British as the rest of us’’ was always nonsense and cope from moronic bullshitters like Piers Morgan — who now openly celebrated the fact the Prime Minister was the ‘‘first ever British–Asian Prime Minister’’. The difference exists when it’s convenient and when inconvenient disappears again, depending on the needs and whims of those in power.

Our new Prime Minister is not just the first non-white Prime Minister, besides Benjamin Disraeli, but he’s also our first Hindu Prime Minister. I bear no animosity toward the religion of Hinduism, indeed, it seems to be a fascinating subject to study, one day. However, therein lies the problem, it is fundamentally alien and unknown beyond the aesthetics and the most basic understanding of it.

Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister on the Hindu Holy Day of Lakshmi Puja, which Wikipedia helpfully informs us is:


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