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Is Tucker Carlson Right About “The Great Replacement”?

This week, Briahna was joined by host of The Funky Academic, Irami Osei-Frimpong, to do a deep dive into Great Replacement Theory and the manifesto written by the Buffalo shooter. They acknowledge that on some level Tucker Carlson was right: Democrats have long been vocal about their hope that “the browning of America” will inure to their electoral benefit. But where is the line between observing geographic trends as disadvantageous, and seeing immigration as a form of genocide? Who is responsible for the liberal discourse getting so nonsensical that it is easily co-opted and flipped by conservatives? What are the parallels between America’s preemptive military “invasions” and the mass murders conducted by those who see themselves as soldiers in a race war? And is Irami right that there is a serious “white culture” problem afoot?

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