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The Anti-White Racism of Leftist Whites

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

Behind all the frenzied virtue-signaling and ritualistic condemnations, it is hard not to discern loads of malice; and it is directed mostly by white people against other white people.

Last week, according to USA News, “the Senate failed to pass a bill to create domestic terrorism offices within federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of mass shootings at a New York grocery store and a Texas elementary school.” This bill, which went down to defeat after a 47-47 deadlock in the Senate, was long overdue according to the prevailing media narrative. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) insisted that for the sake of our moral health we need to call “domestic terrorism” by its correct name. This evil is now “feeding off the poison of conspiracy theories like the White replacement theory.”

Now we get to the heart of the matter. The stalled bill was not about such mundane matters as arranging for more surveillance checks on prospective gun owners. Whatever one may think of such proposals, they at least bear some relationship to the mass shootings that recently took place. This latest Democratic initiative, by contrast, is intended to unmask “white supremacists,” who according to Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, represent the greatest terrorist threat in our systemically racist country. Senate Republicans countered by pointing out that the executive is already equipped with the authority to investigate terrorist threats. Are we dealing with something here which existing arrangements don’t address? Why otherwise would we need a special agency to resist domestic terrorism, and one that would exist specifically “to combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi membership in uniformed services and federal law enforcement”?


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