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Speaking Queerly About Whiteness

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley White people hate to talk about race, even the supposedly woke ones. When they do, the entire conversation is almost inevitably governed by fear. With white conservatives, it’s usually the fear of being made irrelevant by darker bodies. […]

Ingraham: Democrats cancel America

I totally disagree with Laura here, but not for the usual reasons. So far I have actually seen very little “canceling America” going on in the present uprising. Unlike Berkeley or Charlottesville, which were low-grade sports riots carried out by rookie-league middle-class gangs, the present uprising is a […]

Too Radical-Or Not Radical Enough?

The main critique I would have of the liberal/left/BLM approach is not that their perspective is “too radical” but that it is not radical enough. Much of this kind of activism is focused solely on police killings and the racial disparities involved. Fair enough. Murder by cop is […]

Yes, But…

The effect of the civil rights movement was to co-opt the black middle class and integrate it into the system, while altering the civil religion/ideological superstructure of the state to include a “racial redemption” narrative. Meanwhile, post-1968, the state launched a counter-offensive under the guise of the “war […]

Black and White: Unite and Fight!

By Troy Southgate People have every right to fight back against the corrupt US system and its brutal mercenaries, but let’s not pretend that police violence is reserved for Black people. At the same time, the Right’s predictable response to Black Lives Matter is to claim that most […]

Red vs. Blue on Blue vs. Black and White

These memes make some very important points in the sense that people of virtually all ethnic and even socioeconomic backgrounds can be victims of police brutality, whose ranks include everyone from mayors, professional athletes, suburban teenagers, upper-middle-class white women, active-duty military personnel and off-duty cops, to the poorest […]

The Black American Amputation Epidemic

Poverty + poor diet + crummy healthcare=more diabetes/circulatory disorders/amputations By Lizzie Presser ProPublica It was a Friday evening in the hospital after a particularly grueling week when Dr. Foluso Fakorede, the only cardiologist in Bolivar County, Mississippi, walked into Room 336. Henry Dotstry lay on a cot, his […]

The Conspiracy Theorists Are Winning

The problem with David’s analysis in this is that he seems fairly subjective and one-dimensional in his criticisms of “conspiracy theories.” The fact that the last three years of cable news (excluding FOX) was devoted to Russiagate hysteria shows that liberals and the Left are just as prone […]