Bakunin was a racist

One interesting thing about this video is that if you take everything that Bakunin is quoted as saying about Jews and replace “Jewish” with “white” he sounds like one of today’s intersectional leftists. And if you replace “Jewish” with “Russian” he sounds like MSNBC, or with “Chinese” he sounds like FOX.
“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Thule”

0:00 Bakunin’s racism 14:16 was Bakunin a product of his time? 15:36 Bakunin’s critique of capitalism and the state 21:44 Bakunin was self-contradictory 25:58 how other anarchists responded 32:50 anarchism is not Bakuninism script + sources –… Documentary on Jewish anarchists –… Zimmer’s book –… Leeder’s article –… Video on the anarchist critique of seizing state power –

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