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Clothing: Man’s First Creation

By Dan McKinley Insights on Tangible Arts, Social Psychology, and Mystic Materiality, Or How Cultural Evolution Determined Our Expressional Identity Anthropologists affirm that primitive apparel was adorned upon ancient man. Over 5,000 generations back hominids were wearing the skins of their hunted prey. Cro-Magnon not only created astrotheology […]

What happened to the graves of Indigenous children reportedly discovered in Canada in 2021?

The Signal What happened to the graves of Indigenous children reportedly discovered in Canada in 2021? Terry Glavin on the elaborate confusion obscuring an ongoing mystery and longstanding injustice. Mladen Borisov Riots, vandalism, toppled statues, burned churches—they were all part of the fallout in Canada last summer following news reports […]

When Will They Cancel Karl Marx?

By Andrew Sullivan Never, of course. On the revealing double standards of the woke left. Discrediting a thinker’s broad worldview or legacy by discovering some statement from the distant past revealing him or her to be a bigot by today’s standards is a depressing degeneration in our intellectual […]

Was Emancipation Constitutional?

By James Oakes, New York Review of Books In The Broken Constitution, Noah Feldman argues that the Confederate states had a constitutional right to secede and that Lincoln violated the Constitution in forcing them back into the Union and freeing the slaves. Noah Feldman, the Felix Frankfurter Professor […]

A New History of the Old Right

By Marcus Wither, Reason In the American right, populism has always been lurking in the shadows. The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism, by Matthew Continetti, Basic Books, 480 pages, $32 Unlike most accounts of the American conservative movement, Matthew Continetti’s The Right begins in the 1920s, […]

From Stirner to Mussolini

The “anarchist abduction” story from 1910 described in this article sounds like the idiotic drama that goes on in anarchist circles today. By William Gillis, Center for a Stateless Society Review: The Anarchist-Individualist Origins of Italian Fascism In 1910 Luigi Fabbri and Armando Borghi abducted an anarchist woman […]

Anarchism and the Archaeology of Anarchic Societies: Resistance to Centralization in the Coast Salish Region of the Pacific Northwest Coast

By Bill Angelbeck and Colin Grier Throughout human history, people have lived in societies without formalized government. We argue that the theory of anarchism presents a productive framework for analyzing decentralized societies. Anarchism encompasses a broad array of interrelated principles for organizing societies without the centralization of authority. […]

Was Hitler Really Right-Wing?

By Rainer Zitelmann Mises Institute Was Hitler really “right wing”? The German-British publicist Sebastian Haffner, who wrote one of the most notable essays on Adolf Hitler, has pointed out that the only opposition which could really have become dangerous for Hitler came from the Right: “From its vantage, […]