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The ‘Cold War’ Pt. 9 – Battling the Khmer Rouge w/ Thomas777

Peter R. Quiñones 3 hr ago Thomas777 is a revisionist historian and a fiction writer Thomas continues his talks on Vietnam explaining the seldom mentioned Mayaguez Incident with the Khmer Rouge My Podcast Host – Support on my Website – My Patreon – My SubscribeStar – My Substack […]

Kalergi: The Most Misunderstood Man

by Duns Scotus, Arjuna, and Zoltanous Jan 17 Introduction: Kalergi The Myth Many people misunderstand Kalergi’s views, almost on purpose at times. He’s become somewhat of a boogeyman for some political voices who cry about the supposed “Kalergi Plan” to create a “race-mixed Europe”. Their only evidence, unsurprisingly, […]

The Jews and the Soviets

Sponsored by Liveright Our February 9 issue is online now, with Christine Smallwood on how to read, Gary Shteyngart on Soviet Jews, Jed Perl on Matisse’s extremes, Anahid Nersessian on Dionne Brand at the gates of beauty, Adam Kirsch on The Hours at the opera, Fred Kaplan on Putin’s […]

The Tories against democracy: During the last Depression a group of Conservatives seriously considered dictatorship

BY Aris Roussinos . Ultra-reactionary Tories hoped to replace Stanley Baldwin with a dictator. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images Aris Roussinos is UnHerd’s Foreign Affairs Editor, and a former war reporter November 11, 2020 As America’s election grinds, still contested, to a close, the entire gruelling spectacle can be […]

A true giant died today

By Tom Woods What an odd and most unfortunate coincidence. Just yesterday I wrote to you about the academic snobs who look down on amateur historians who dare to write works of history without being “trained.” And trust me, as someone who would know: the difference in “training” […]

Bakunin was a racist

One interesting thing about this video is that if you take everything that Bakunin is quoted as saying about Jews and replace “Jewish” with “white” he sounds like one of today’s intersectional leftists. And if you replace “Jewish” with “Russian” he sounds like MSNBC, or with “Chinese” he […]

Saagar Enjeti: Politics, History, and Power | Lex Fridman Podcast

Saagar Enjeti is a DC-based political correspondent and podcaster. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – The Jordan Harbinger Show: – Grammarly: to get 20% off premium – Eight Sleep: and use code LEX to get special savings – Magic Spoon: […]

Harvey Mansfield on Niccolò Machiavelli and the Origins of Modernity

Two infamous figures discuss another infamous figure. In the sixth conversation in our series with Harvey Mansfield, a discussion of the Florentine philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli. Click “Show more” to view all chapters. For more conversations, visit http://www.conversationswithbillkrist… Chapter 1 (00:15 – 35:55): Machiavelli on politics and morality Chapter […]

Understanding the Emotional Practices of the Spanish Anarchists under Franco’s Dictatorship

By Eduardo Romanos This article studies the reactivation of activist networks in high-risk settings through a longitudinal analysis of the emotional practices of Spanish anarchists under Franco’s dictatorship (1939–75). The anarchists mobilised a series of emotions in their discourse, seeking to change the degree and quality of emotions […]

Capitalism: An Archaic Critique

Posted By: Mike Maxwell 24 December 2022 This is the text of a presentation given to the Sydney Traditionalist Forum on 29 October 2022 by Mike Maxwell of Imperium Press, as part of the Forum’s “Quarterly Inquiry Series”. ♣ Friedrich List, “The National System of Political Economy” (Imperium […]

Democracy I

Joe Costello 21 hr ago Thomas Mitchell’s Athens: A History of the First Democracy is a great work of classical history. It ranks with the Italian Ferrero’s and the German Mommsen’s histories of the Roman republic in quality, breadth, and political insight. Mitchell is a professor at Trinity […]

Secret 9/11 memo

Nicholas Carlson, November 30, 2022   Hello, Insiders. I’m just going to say it: Go USA! Yes, I’m referring to World Cup soccer. The US men’s team advanced to the knockout stage yesterday — but not without a number of injuries to our star players. So, well, that was […]

Anarchy and the Nation: German Anarchism, Nationalism, and Revolution in Spain, 1933-1937

By Matthew A Hall I study the interwar libertarian-socialist movements in Germany and Spain. This encompasses movements of industrial unionists, councilists, and syndicalists, as well as more traditional anarchisits. Currently, I’m looking at the construction of the “working class” during the Ruhraufstand (1920). I also study Spanish anarchism, […]

«Arm and brain»: Inclusion-exclusion dynamics related to medical professional within Spanish anarcho-syndicalism in the first third of the 20 th century

By Jorge Molero-Mesa, Isabel Jiménez Lucena The aim of this paper is to analyze the dynamics within Spanish anarcho-syndicalism between manual workers and medical professionals who shared the anarchist ideology. The incorporation of technicians into the labour movement was a common feature in the Western world; however, while […]

Democracy à la de Tocqueville

New York Review of Books Lynn Hunt ‘A Great Democratic Revolution’ Alexis de Tocqueville left France to study the American prison system and returned with the material that would become “Democracy in America.” David Salle Who Am I? What Am I? Charles Ray’s ambitious, technologically sophisticated sculptures allow […]

When another England seemed possible

Posted on November 15, 2022 by winter oak by Paul Cudenec I am very honoured to have contributed an article to the second issue of the beautifully-produced and highly interesting Parisian “counter-history” journal brasero which is being launched on Friday November 18 2022 (the first issue was reviewed in English here). […]

Fiona Hill’s Crucial Insight

Britain, US, Russia – we’re all post-Soviet now Michael Taylor   With apologies, I return to Fiona Hill’s valuable book ‘There’s Nothing for You Here – Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century’. She has a breadth of understanding which I suspect can only have been developed by someone […]