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Archaeology of Freedom

It is interesting to find a discussion of David Graeber in the Examiner of all places. By Geoff Shullenberger Washington Examiner In his 2011 book Debt: The First 5,000 Years, the anthropologist David Graeber marshaled historical, ethnographic, and archaeological evidence in an effort to dismantle some of the […]

Why Disasters Have Declined

By Michael Shellenberger And why did they rise from 1900 to 2000 before declining? Over the last 30 years, the United Nations, climate scientists, and governments around the world have claimed that climate change is making natural disasters including hurricanes, floods, and heatwaves more frequent. “Climate change has […]

The Long Prehistory (The Crusades)

By Sean Gabb The Crusades are the defining event of the Middle Ages. They brought the very different civilisations of Western Europe, Byzantium and Islam into an extended period of both conflict and peaceful co-existence. Between January and March 2021, Sean Gabb explored this long encounter with his […]

The First Privilege Walk

By Christian Parenti, Nonsite.Org How Herbert Marcuse’s widow used a Scientology-linked cult’s methodology to gamify Identity Politics and thus helped steer the U.S. Left down the dead-end path of identitarian psychobabble. In the summer of 2021, a social justice training exercise called the Privilege Walk made headlines when […]

A New Year One for Gotham

By Joel Schlosberg, Garrison Center As “the city that never sleeps” turned the calendar to 2022 with the inauguration of Eric Adams just after midnight, partygoers didn’t need Frank Sinatra’s reminder to “start spreading the news” heard on the New Year’s broadcast from Times Square. New Yorkers were […]

Shinmin Prefecture Summary

By Min, Anarchist Library A short historical summary of the forgotten Korean project known as Shinmin Prefecture and Korean People’s Association in Manchuria. This was a self-governing region of around two million people from 1929 to 1931. 1. Inception Many Koreans gathered in Manchuria to avoid oppression from […]

Dueling: Time to bring it back?

By Devin Foley Intellectual Takeout Let’s be honest, we live in an honor-less age; lies and gossip aren’t just the tools of politicians and celebrities. In your own life, you can probably point to any number of people around you — even church people! — whose main trade seems […]

Anarchy in the Holy Roman Empire

Some excerpts from Peter H. Wilson’s “Heart of Europe: A History of the Holy Roman Empire.” German Freedom Mutual accusations of lack of patriotism peaked during the Thirty Years War, with Protestants accusing Catholics of selling the Empire to Spanish Jesuits and the pope, while Catholics blamed Protestants […]

The Forgotten Old Right

Tom Woods Show In a recent episode of the Mises Institute’s Human Action Podcast, hosted by Jeff Deist, we discussed the Old Right, the loose collection of writers and thinkers who opposed domestic and foreign interventionism. Their names have almost been forgotten, and Jeff and I want to […]

Digging for Utopia

By Kwame Anthony Appiah New York Review of Books Reviewed: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 692 pp., $35.00 In The Dawn of Everything David Graeber and David Wengrow search for historical examples of nonhierarchical […]

The Shock of Victory

This is a 2009 article from the late anarchist anthropologist David Graeber, who died last year,  and who was probably as influential as any anarchist in the 21st century so far. I am posting this because the third section of this piece, the discussion of anarchism in the […]

The Authoritarian Right’s 1877 Project

Eric Levitz, New York Mag/Intelligency In a recent column for The American Conservative, Helen Andrews argues that Reconstruction — that brief slice of the 19th century during which Black Southerners enjoyed extensive political rights under the aegis of Northern Republicans — was “objectively bad.” Further, she insists that […]

The Old Anarchism and the New

By Charlie Lee, Springtime of Nations In a previous video “Yes, Anarcho-Capitalists are Anarchists,” the case was made that anarcho-capitalism is a continuation of the historical anarchist tradition of Proudhon, Bellaguerrigue, Tucker and the rest, contrary to claims by ancoms that anarcho-capitalism has nothing to do with historical […]

A Flawed History of Humanity

A critique of David Graeber By David A. Bell “The Dawn of Everything” has been hailed as a masterpiece. But a careful reading of its look at the Enlightenment exposes concerning mistakes. “What if everything you learned about human history is wrong?” This is the way The New […]