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By Juan Villa The words fascism, communism, socialism, and anarchism often times have been loaded words in terms of how everyday Americans have been schooled to interpret them. Therefore, the objective was to revisit these words through the interpretations of Intellectual Marxists themselves in order to understand these […]

Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade

A great interview with Paul Gottfried explains what historic fascism actually was, why it’s largely anachronistic nowadays, and why today’s “antifascists” have nothing to do with historic socialism and communism. Tom Woods Show Paul Gottfried joins us to discuss the “antifascist” movement and what it’s really about (it’s […]

Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus, new analysis of ancient documents suggests

By Taylor & Francis Phys.Org New analysis of ancient writings suggests that sailors from the Italian hometown of Christopher Columbus knew of America 150 years before its renowned ‘discovery’. Transcribing and detailing a, circa, 1345 document by a Milanese friar, Galvaneus Flamma, Medieval Latin literature expert Professor Paolo […]

The End of Rage

By Ashley Lucas, Plough I. FATHER, PANTHER, SOLDIER, SPY In 2014 in Pennsylvania, Russell Maroon Shoatz was released from twenty-two consecutive years of solitary confinement into the general prison population. This is twenty-one years and fifty weeks longer than the length of time in solitary the United Nations […]

Neo-Malthusianism and eugenics in the struggle over meaning in the Spanish anarchist press, 1900-1936

By Jorge Molero-Mesa This article analyzes the debate on neo-Malthusianism and eugenics in Spanish anarchist publications in the first third of the last century. Using theoretical frameworks that have been under-utilized thus far, it provides new interpretations of what the term ” eugenics ” meant in pro-anarchist neo-Malthusian […]

It Looks Like We Forgot

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative I know it’s almost October, but I’m not done with 9/11. I know we had the 20th anniversary, promised for a day to never forget whatever, and then an old-looking Bruce Springsteen rose to sing about everyone dying around him. (Read […]

The Bong and the Rifle

Another old article on the Green Panthers and their ideal of a “Stoner Homeland” from the 1990s. Their goal was to have a separatist weed-friendly homeland in northern California. Now they’ve got about 20 homelands across the United States and its territories. This doesn’t make “pan-secessionism” sound so […]