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The Folly of Anarchism

An interesting critique of anarchism from a medievalist, throne and altar, Eastern Orthodox perspective. It’s always interesting and a good plan to see what “the other side” has to say. Btw, folks, this is what true conservatism looks like, not the know-nothing shit being dished out by FOX […]

An Anarchist Guide to Christmas

By Ruth Kinna It’s no surprise to discover that anarchist theorist Pyotr Kropotkin was interested in Christmas. In Russian culture, St. Nicholas (Николай Чудотворец) was revered as a defender of the oppressed, the weak and the disadvantaged. Kropotkin shared the sentiments. But there was also a family link. […]

1800 United States presidential election

Does any of this seem familiar? Nothing new under the sun. “The Federalists favored a strong central government and close relations with Great Britain. The Democratic-Republicans favored decentralization to the state governments, and the party attacked the taxes imposed by the Federalists. The Democratic-Republicans also denounced the Alien […]

Police Killed Fred Hampton 51 Years Ago. A BLM Chicago Co-Founder Says ‘Every Single Aspect Of The Black Panther Party Program’ Applies Today

This is what happens to folks the state regards as a genuine threat. By Courtney Kueppers, Bianca Martin WBEZ, Chicago Fifty-one years ago, Chicago police officers killed Fred Hampton, the chairman of the Illinois Black Panther party. In the wake of the police killing of George Floyd this […]

The Greek City-States – Ancient History

Like most anarchists, I am very interested in historic examples of anarchist, quasi-anarchist, or otherwise stateless communities and territories, including the usual examples like Catalonia, Ukraine, Shimnin, Strandzha, Iceland, Baja, Chiapas, Rojava, Slab City, etc. But a problem with these kinds of examples is that most of them […]

Lebanon’s confusing civil war

Think of all the groups involved in street clashes in the US today. Three percenters, Boogaloos, Proudboys, BLM, Antifa, Marxists, “anarcho-” Marxists, militias, anti-lockdown protestors, MAGAists, SJWs, Oathkeepers, Red Guards, Redneck Revolt, Patriot Prayer, etc. Imagine all of them with weapons engaging in urban guerrilla with dozens of […]