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Black Entrepreneurs during the Jim Crow Era

The Henry Ford Archive of Innovation Two Sisters Beauty Salon, 1945-50. THF240367 “Jim Crow” laws—first enacted in the 1880s by angry and resentful Southern whites against freed African Americans—separated blacks from whites in all aspects of daily life.  Favoring whites and repressing blacks, these became an institutionalized form […]

Kropotkin’s dead goose

An interesting critique of Kropotkin and anarcho-communism from the neocon magazine The New Criterion. Reading the list of names associated with this publication is a “Yikes!” moment. Of all the scams the neocons have pulled off, one of the most successful has been the way they present themselves […]

If Karl Marx were here today…

Because it is fashionable for right-wing propagandists to describe anything and everything as “Marxist” nowadays, for which there were plenty of past prototypes and as a recent book by Mark Levin indicates, it might be helpful to examine the question of to what degree Marxist philosophy and/or economic […]

The African Origins of Democracy

By Bernd Reiter In this short essay, I argue that democracy started in ancient Africa, not in ancient Greece. Along the way, I demonstrate that world history’s hegemonic focus on civilization is misplaced and misleading. Such a focus, after all, gears our collective attention toward empires, kingdoms, and […]

The Jews and Modern Capitalism

By  Werner Sombart , Translated by  Mordecai Epstein 2015 Reprint of Original 1913 Edition. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Werner Sombart (1863 -1941) was a German economist and sociologist and one of the leading Continental European social scientists during the first […]

Medieval Europe: Most Progressive Society in History

This is an interesting overview of how the Western liberal tradition developed. Enlightenment liberalism appeared only after the institutional, cultural, and economic preconditions had been developed. Interestingly, Kevin Carson has made a similar argument from the Left, suggesting that liberalism appeared only after the economic and technological changes […]

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Fifty Years On

TELOS Introduction Kenneth D. Johnson Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ethical Leadership Rufus Burrow, Jr. Economic Democracy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Black Church Tradition David D. Daniels III The Radical King: Democratic Socialism, Personal Idealism, Anti-Militarism, and Black Power Gary Dorrien A Friendship in the Prophetic […]

Hammer of Civil Rights

By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Exactly one hundred years after Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation for them, Negroes wrote their own document of freedom in their own way.” Exactly one hundred years after Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation for them, Negroes wrote their own document […]

The Sordid Legacy of Dr. King

Virtually all of history is a heel vs. heel match. By Pedro Gonzalez, Chronicles After he left the Church of Scientology, Hollywood screenwriter Paul Haggis recalled a discussion he had had with his fellow Scientologists. If great leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. can err, Haggis suggested to […]

The First Crusade (The Crusades)

The Crusades are the defining event of the Middle Ages. They brought the very different civilisations of Western Europe, Byzantium and Islam into an extended period of both conflict and peaceful co-existence. Between January and March 2021, Sean Gabb explored this long encounter with his students. Here is […]

“Anarchism” Is Just a Name

Anarchist News From Freedom Press UK a review of Anarchism and the Black Revolution and The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition Features, Jan 13th Anarchism and the Black Revolution by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin Pluto Press The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition by […]