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White Californians as a Prototype for America’s Multiethnic Future

How Whites adapt to a Post-American future

California is a trendsetter for the nation, and there is a cliché in how the populist right uses California as a harbinger for America’s future as a Third World dystopia. People underestimate how White California was, not that long ago, and White Californians are now about one-third of the population, down from about 85%, a couple of generations ago. However, California’s reality counters the racialist right’s narrative of expecting a major White backlash, once Whites reach minority status. The closest California came to a “White backlash,” was in the 90s, with the anti-illegal immigration measure prop 187, the affirmative action ban, and tough on crime policies, that were a reaction to the crimewave and the LA Riots. The White Right is emotionally invested in narratives of conflict or collapse, but in California White replacement has been more of a gradual, peaceful, and smooth transition, perhaps a soft peaceful ethnic cleansing.

California has corrupt political leadership, and many problems, such as urban blight, homelessness, income inequality, and rising crime. However, the rightwing media, who bash California for clickbait and political reasons, often portray the State as much worse than it actually is. Despite the rise in crime, California’s crime rate is overall lower than it was in the 80s. Even the recent crimewave is disproportionately linked to African Americans, who are a dwindling demographic, rather than to new immigrants. Also crime is mostly confined to urban cores and lower income areas, while much of California, including the suburbs, are still relatively safe.

While I am sympathetic to dissident right concerns about demographics, they often over sensationalize racial problems to appear worse than they actually are. To the degree there is anti-Whiteness in California, it is more on an institutional level, such as tech censorship, anti-White discrimination in University Admissions and woke corporations, as well as state policies such as UBI for Black birthing and proposed reparations, despite California never being a slave state. Regardless, the main issues impacting White Californians are not so much overt racial hostilities, but rather practical issues, such as the cost of housing and job security, and especially social atomization, and a lack of community and identity. Life in California is much closer to Bowling Alone than American History X, which is less sensationalist than stories about racial conflict. Overall race relations between Whites, Hispanics and Asians, are affable enough, that Whites might have less incentives to become more ethnocentric.


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