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Michael Lind’s Liberal Nationalism vs. Rightwing Multiculturalism

Michael Lind forecasted my pan-enclavism/symmetrical multiculturalism in the 90s

May 28, 2023

Writer and academic, Michael Lind, has a book, Next American Nation: The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution, published in 1995. Lind advocates for a new Liberal Civic Nationalism for America, with calls for changing conceptions of America’s national identity, as far as what it means to be American. American History is made up of different republics, with the first being after independence, the 2nd after the Civil War, the 3rd post-WWII and post-civil rights. Lind calls for a Fourth Republic, or Fourth American Revolution. Lind believes in America as a proposition nation, founded upon liberalism, but does not overly idealize the Founding Fathers. Unlike other civic nationalists, Lind does not try to revise the originalism of America’s founding as compatible with modern liberalism, and views the Founders as White Supremacists. Lind is especially critical of Jefferson’s States’ Rights and anti-industrial agrarianism. Of American historical figures, Lind most admires Alexander Hamilton, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass, while is a staunch critic of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as well as Libertarianism.

Michael Lind starts off speculating how Thomas Jefferson might have envisioned modern day America, circa 2000 AD. Ethnic Americans, defined as Anglo Saxons and other Northwest Europeans, demographically dominate the North American continent, numbering at about 500 Million. This alternative Jeffersonian America would be very ethnocentric, with Non-Whites, as well as Southern and Eastern Europeans, excluded. America would be made up of a series of small hamlets with neo-classical town squares, and an agrarian economy. There would be a series of friendly, ethnically and culturally similar, sister republics, including the Republics of Canada, Oregon, California, and Texas. Unitarianism, Deism, and Free Masonry would be the dominant religions, with Unitarianism becoming a quasi-state religion. There would also be a series of decentralized militias, and a natural aristocracy, based upon the Platonic ideal, selected to be leaders of their various republics.

While I was vaguely familiar with Michael Lind, I recently discovered Next American Nation, because an online contact pointed out that Lind warns against the dangers of what I have been advocating for. Basically, pan-enclavism or symmetrical multiculturalism taking hold in the future, even using “my terms” right-wing multiculturalism and enclaves. Lind co-wrote a book calling for a Radical Center, a term ironically I’ve also used to describe my views. Though I suppose liberal nationalism and rightwing multiculturalism could both be a Radical Center, as it is a loosely defined concept. Lind predicts a multiculturalism II or an illiberal multiculturalism, where White Americans become just another racial bloc. For instance, anti-White discrimination being replaced by a straightforward, honest quota system, or separate but equal, once the double standards are gone. Lind gives the hypothetical example of the use of quotas and set asides, of an equal amount of Black, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant seats being granted for the Supreme Court, and Black Studies being joined by Evangelical Studies. There could be a rightwing multicultural regime or ethno-federalism, where voting districts are drawn on ethnic partisan lines, to receive federal patronage. Lind believes that multiculturalism is heading in this direction, as Whites and social conservatives recede in influence and scope, and start to demand their piece of the pie.


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