Most Asians in U.S., even those of Chinese descent, see China negatively

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Japan’s price growth accelerates ahead of BOJ inflation update
Prices excluding those for fresh food gained 3.3% from a year ago, accelerating a little from the rise in May as energy prices were less …
China’s blanket testing for Japanese seafood affecting Japanese businesses
Seafood from five Japanese firms remains at Chinese customs, running the risk of a ¥100 million loss if they end up spoiling.
Japan to give ¥300 billion to universities expanding science education
As the country’s R&D status continues to drop, the ministry’s new program aims to fund schools pivoting toward STEM subjects.
Most Asians in U.S., even those of Chinese descent, see China negatively
Only about 4 in 10 Chinese Americans see China in a positive light, with 15% holding a very unfavorable view of the country, more than …
Bike, scooter or taxi? Here are your options for nonrail transit in Tokyo
Here’s a rundown on your options and how best to utilize them — whether your a tourist or long-time resident.
Hong Kong court says protest song is matter of national security
The city’s High Court on Friday heard the government’s argument for why it should be illegal to perform or broadcast Glory to Hong Kong with …

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Kishida takes ‘global green’ initiative to the Middle East
Middle East countries are keen to diversify their economies, reducing their reliance on oil and gas for revenue. Japan hopes to assist in that transition.
Tokyo’s Ben Fiddich inches toward top of Asia’s 50 Best Bars
A total of 14 bars in Japan cracked the top 100 of this year’s continent-wide rankings.
For his last movie, Hayao Miyazaki recycles himself
While visually and technically stunning, “The Boy and the Heron” might give some viewers an unsatisfying sense of deja vu.
Brave Blossoms to continue World Cup preparations against familiar opponent Samoa
Despite two big defeats against an All Blacks XV, head coach Jamie Joseph has kept changes to a minimum, bringing in just three players to …
After last train in Tokyo, a second city comes to life
Partying tourists, a busy fish market and and global businesses all play a part in a world most of us sleep through.
Why summer heat is more likely to ground your flight than cold weather
Passengers are learning the hard way this summer that high temperatures can be as disruptive to on-time departures as visibly inclement weather.

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